About Us: The Gals Behind One Crazy House

One Crazy House is a team effort. This blog was started in February, 2015 and has grown so fast – we are shocked!!

From the bottom of our hearts, if you are our reader, thank you! You have helped nurture our little site into a fun family resource that has helped millions – literally! As of July 2016, over 15 million people have visited our little site (unique views). Each and every one of you are a gift to us!

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About us:

SO… who are the gals behind the blog?

Head square 700

Rachel Silla Miller.

A serial online entrepreneur and blogger since 2008, I first began blogging with the creation of QuirkyMomma. That blog, Kids Activities Blog, is now MASSIVE and run by my pal and business partner, Holly Homer. I moved on as kids activities were no longer my passion and making life easier became more of my focus (through hacks and tips!!) so One Crazy House was started, February 7th, 2015. In just a year and a half it has exploded on Facebook to have over 500,000 followers, over 175,000 Pinterest fans & a growing Instagram account. We can’t wait to see what the future holds!

Why One Crazy House?

I know you are wondering, the name? Why?

I’ve got six kids. You better believe it, our house is one CRAZY house. As a working mom, the hunt for efficiency or finding the little things that make life easier became not just a passion, but a necessity. Most days it seems there is not enough time in the day, for work, the kids, and me! My hunt for hacks has found a place to thrive, on this blog!

kids behind the blog

But here’s the thing, you can not have six kids, homeschool (albeit part-time) & run a massive blog by yourself!!! It is definitely a group endeavor!

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Meet the Team:

These are the gals who have teamed up with me to make One Crazy House a reality for the world:

Christine Jerry Mom2Mom Inspired

Christine – Blog Manager

Christine started her own virtual support business,  The Virtual Collab LLC, back in 2015. After blogging for a number of years, she found herself far more comfortable working behind the scenes. She loves working with the One Crazy House team to make sure that it’s running smoothly and everyone gets to work in areas they are most passionate about. With 2 silly kiddos, one more if you count her husband, she absolutely embraces the One Crazy House living.

One Crazy House Content Team

Thena – Content Creator

Thena is a mom of 2 of the smartest girls around and enjoys spending her free time camping, reading, and being inspired by the everyday beauty of life. She also has fun with her own blog, HodgePodge Hippie where she writes about being eco-friendly and enjoying the chaos of life. See all of Thena’s One Crazy House posts.

Tania Griffis – The Creative Wheelhouse

Tania is a wife and the mother of 1 beautiful lil’ girl. She runs an agency of amazing writers! She also makes time to blog over at Run to Radiance. Her beautiful DIY projects are incredible.

One Crazy House Social Media Team

Mica – Pinterest Strategist/Scheduler

Mica is a boy mom, roller-girl, and creative entrepreneur. With 10 years of graphic design experience and a social media wiz, she’s incredible all around!