How to Work From Home as a Mom

We are looking for highly motivated moms, who love their kids and want to create businesses from home. Come join our mom-marketing team – become your own boss. We will show you how! It’s exciting and growing fast! I am selecting *just five* people to join me this month for business mentoring.

Want to join me and work from home?


We are a group of moms, around the country and around the world who are sharing products we love with others. The products we are distributing are primarily skin care (but the company also offers weightloss, anti-aging & wellness supplements – they have over 300 products). What is really cool about these products is the kinda sell themselves. Once you try the products you will see results. The before and after shots are really cool!

age loc with a line smaller

That is my face, I treated one side with the Facial Toning Spa – it’s that crazy! The results are unbelieveable. These products actually work!

Evan 48 hours

Here is a teenage boy (pal of mine) after 48 hours of acne treatment. If you join me, you’ll have the chance to help a kiddo who just needs to love his face a little more – how cool is that!

The products we are distributing are in the NuSkin line and are tried and tested – they work! Check out their solutions for wrinkles – I can’t wait to try the product for my crows feet!

And… FIVE of you can join us! Email me to learn more – [email protected]

So, what will you get from us…

If you are selected you will be a part of our team. You would not alone in this. Often one of the reasons that personal marketing fails is that people feel isolated while they are beginning. That is why a team is SO important! You won’t just have me, you will have a whole team organized and ready to help you thrive. That is one of the reasons why we are being selective in who joins with us! We are being mentored by two of the biggest leaders in the company – and are teaming up with some of the biggest players in social media, including experts in Pinterest, Facebook Groups, and even party planners who will help us craft the best events.

You will get

  • Access to all the promotion images and wording you will need to get started.
  • Training to help you craft your story and make your own images.
  • A product Facebook group that is already active and where you can begin promoting and earning *right away*.
  • Support to help you start your own Facebook groups & events – you won’t be alone.
  • Training to host online and in-person events and product demonstrations.
  • Free, customizable product shopping sites to qualified leaders.
  • Blogging!! We have a training course to become a blogger – so you can reach more and more markets – to qualified leaders.
  • AND we have incentives! We offer additional cash & product incentives when you reach your goals  – coming from us, in addition to the generous incentives and compensation from the company.

You will have me!! I’m rooting for you and would love to help you grow. You will also have other leaders in the company – you won’t be alone! (email me if you have more questions! [email protected])

You will have everything you need to start building your business and thrive.

We are going to learn how to connect with others through social media and face-to-face meetings. Our ultimate goal is to train you to recruit and build your own marketing teams. I am just so excited!!

how to work from home

Who are we looking for?

Someone who is extremely motivated – this is NOT a get rich quick scheme. It takes work, a LOT of work. My paychecks will prove to you that this is a viable business model – but don’t think it comes easy. Stores are going out of business and having a hard time keeping up with online sales, and yet often people don’t want to purchase products that they don’t *know* work. That is where you come in – you sell online or in person, to your pals – or to others you have connections with – they trust you! You will have to work to keep that trust and follow up with contacts.

commissions small

It takes work

Time commitment

It will take you at least 1-3 hours a day at the beginning. This is the company that we will be promoting together. Once you are established you can either ramp up to grow faster, or continue as is to keep the income stable. I would expect to work at least ten hours a week for the first two months as you are building your business.

Financial commitment.

At the beginning you will need to purchase a business package – it is under $175. It is full of the products that show the greatest results. While there is no *need* for a purchase to become a distributor the reality is that you need to invest in products to show, and give samples out. We will show you how to take before pictures, use them, share them with your friends, etc. You really do want to use business package to create your story of how the products work for you. After the initial purchase you will want to talk to your mentor about what products you hope to distribute the most and come up with a plan.

Your Decision

Email me to let me know that you are ready to sign up and start working! We will need to have either a chat over Facebook, or a face-to-face over Skype, even a phone call to go over some of the details and get you started. I hope to get my five people up and working in the next week or two. So be sure to let me know what your favorite way to communicate is and we can get this started. We support Mom-Marketers worldwide! —>  [email protected]