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I know we share a lot of life hacks on One Crazy House.

It is kinda what we are known for.

But every once in awhile, there comes something that CHANGES THE GAME.

You have these things in your life…the things that once you use are then a daily necessity. These are the products that OUT-HACK hacks. Today I want to highlight 4 of my favorite life-changing products.

These are products that you couldn’t pry out of my life…

Must-Have: Mint SIM Mobile Service

What is Mint SIM?

Mint SIM is a totally new – and totally better – way for the average person to get wireless service without expensive and long-lasting contracts. In fact, it is like buying in bulk at your favorite warehouse store. You can choose if you want 3, 6 or 12 months at a time. The more you commit to at once, the lower the monthly price is you pay.

Mint SIM phone and service

You can also choose the amount of 4G LTE data you want per month – 2GB, 5 GB or 10 GB. They don’t sell unlimited data because it is expensive and the average person uses 5 GB per month which is WAY less than unlimited.

Oh, and just in case you are attached to your phone like I am, you can use your existing phone & phone number.

Holly and Mint SIM

I really love the freedom of not having to stick with the same plan for 2 years. It is also crazy how much less this plan costs than what I was using before. If you are still skeptical, check out the latest special which is $15 per month when you purchase 3 months.  <–yes, I said $15/mo, not $150! Grab that deal with the One Crazy House promo code: LIFEHACK


Mint SIM pieces

It was easy to change to Mint SIM at home. I simply punched the size of SIM card that my phone took, inserted it and then activated my account online.

I can’t even imagine going back to the days of triple digit cell phone bills…

Must-Have Product: Blow Dryer with Built-In Round Brush

How is this JUST NOW being invented?

I can’t even express to you how this has changed my life. As a low-coordination girl with curly hair {aka frizzy hair}, straightening and smoothing was something that only happened in a salon.

My local Blow Dry Bar knew me well. In fact, I would often schedule my work week and workouts around these blow-outs.

“I can’t go to yoga this morning because I just spent $50 on my hair yesterday afternoon,” said me on multiple occasions.

And then I found the most magical solution…a blow dryer with built-in round brush.

brush blow dryer

I did that myself!

Not only can I easily blow dry my hair into a straight style myself, it takes about 1/3rd the time to dry than with a traditional blow dryer. I also can use it on days I don’t wash my hair to refresh my style.

Must-Have: A Fancy Cereal Bowl

A cereal bowl?

Yes. I know! I know!

I didn’t think a cereal bowl could be life-changing either, but that was before realized how soggy cereal crept into my day until my entire bowl was crispy.


It is heaven.

This bowl is positioned like an open trundle bed. The top bunk is for the dry cereal and the bottom bunk is for the milk. With each bite, you simply push the cereal down the little slide that connects the two.

No more cereal swamp. Sometimes it REALLY is the little things.

It is funny how something that you may not have even heard of can change your life once it enters!

Pssst…don’t forget about the special deal we have for our readers for the Mint SIM with code: LIFEHACK.

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