Time to make your house smell amazing! Using a simmer pot to boil spices, orange peels, sliced apples, and more is an easy and natural way to fill your home with festive fall and holiday fragrances.

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Confession time: I have this fear that a guest will walk into our home and say, “What is that horrible smell?”.

Many of those amazing-smelling fall-scented candles you can find on almost every store aisle this time of year have petroleum-based ingredients. As good as those candles may make my house smell, I try to steer clear of petroleum-based products in my house as much as possible.

So that means that when I want my house to smell like fall, I turn to simmer pot recipes and essential oils to get the job done!

Read this amazing post on DIY Fall Scents, to make your home smell like a fall.

It turns out that nature has some pretty fabulous-smelling spices, herbs, and foods that will make your home (and mine!) smell just the way you want it to for fall and the holidays.

What Are Simmer Pot Recipes?

12 Fall And Winter Simmering Pot Recipes To Make Today

If you are wondering “what is a simmer pot?”, I completely understand!

Basically, it’s a bubbling stovetop potpourri.

Toss orange peels, spices, and more into a pot of water on the stove and then turn the pot on and let it simmer. Before you know it, you’ll witness your pot of simmering fruits, spices, etc add fragrance to every single room in your home.

You can let it simmer through the night to keep your home smelling amazing. It is a natural and fun way to dress up the scent of your home. They are addictive, trust me!

Also, check out these orange peel hacks, they will blow your mind!

I am always up for trying new simmering pot recipes that will make our home smell amazing. With so many possible simmer pot combinations, the fragrance options are nearly endless.

Simply toss the ingredients on your stove in a pot with water, and watch vibrant, rich, spice-filled scents make your home more than ready to greet your company.

Simmer Pot Recipes You Need To Try

These simmer potpourri recipes will fill your home with delicious smells and a few other benefits as well. Find your new favorite sweet smelling recipe down below.

This huge variety of simmering pot recipes below will truly transform your home, and there’s something for everyone on this list so you can find a mix the whole family will love.

Cold and Flu Fighting Stovetop Potpourri | Fireflies and Mud Pies

pot of water with lemon slices, rosemary, cloves and cinnamon sticks

This simmer pot recipe is great to run when someone in your home is sick. It’s comforting, soothing, and healing to the body as you all breathe it in.

Citrus, rosemary, clove, cinnamon, and eucalyptus are an unbeatable germ-fighting combination and are often found together in essential oil blends.

Cold and Flu Fighting Stovetop Potpourri
Stay healthy this winter with this cold and flu fighting stovetop potpourri.
Read more here.

Fall Stovetop Potpourri | The Happier Homemaker

sliced oranges, pears, lemons and cinnamon sticks in a pot full of water

Check out this autumn slow cooker simmer pot. Instead of the stove, they created their simmer pot in the slow cooker.

I love this idea and the ingredients sound like they will surely dress up the scent of your home.

Autumn Slow Cooker Simmer Pot
Simmer pots, or stovetop potpourri, can be made in the crockpot too! This Autumn Simmer Pot Recipe is an easy, chemical free way to scent your home!
Read more here.

Citrus Simmer Pot | The Happier Homemaker

blue pan with orange and ginger slices

Get a burst of energy with this citrus simmering pot recipe. The orange and ginger together really add a vibrant fragrance that is so amazing.

This recipe is not only perfect for the fall, it’s great for any time of the year.

Citrus Simmering Pot
Simmering pots are a great way to scent your home naturally! This simmering pot recipe with orange and ginger has such a clean, fresh smell!
Read more here.

Stove Top Potpourri | Julie Blanner

apple and pear slices, cloves and cinnamon sticks in a pot of water

This pear apple simmer pot recipe is really good as well. You get that sweet, fruity aroma paired with the warm and comforting scent of clove and cinnamon.

This is one of my favorite fall simmering potpourri recipes.

Fragrant Homemade Potpourri Recipe
Fragrant homemade potpourri recipe that is perfect for gift-giving. Use dry or simmer on the stovetop for a fall or winter scent that will warm your home.
Read more here.

Fragrant Homemade Potpourri | Julie Blanner

jar of homemade potpourri

Give the gift of dried fruit and spices so that loved ones can put it in a pan with water and create their own simmer pots for their home.

Homemade potpourri makes a great gift that is both affordable and unique.

Holiday Simmering Potpourri | Walking on Sunshine

pot of water filled with orange slices, cloves, cinnamon sticks, and small evergreen branches

A great one to do for the holidays is this holiday simmer pot recipe. Cloves, anise, dried oranges, and more give this a citrus and spiced scent.

Simmering Homemade Potpourri
Simmering Potpourri makes a great homemade Christmas gift or hostess gift to give to family and friends.The best part about this gift is it’s easy to make.
Read more here.

DIY Christmas Potpourri | Thrifty Jinxy

pot of water with cranberries, lemon and cinnamon sticks in it

This homemade potpourri includes a free printable label to use to create your own gift of simmering potpourri. The cranberries add both a beautiful and a lovely fragrant touch.

This potpourri simmer pot recipe is perfect for holiday get togethers!

DIY Christmas Potpourri
This DIY Christmas Potpourri with Printable Gift Labels will fill the gift recipient’s home with a wonderful, long lasting all-natural aroma.
Read more here.

Winter Simmering Pot | The Happier Homemaker

pan with cloves, orange slices, and evergreen branches

Oh, I love this winter simmering pot recipe. Really feels like you bring the outdoors in with the pine scent paired with spices and citrus.

If you have an artificial tree, you will definitely want to use this homemade potpourri recipe to give the feeling of a real tree.

Winter Simmer Pot
Winter Simmering Pot Recipe, this stovetop potpourri is an easy way to scent your home without harmful chemicals!
Read more here.

Stove Top Potpourri Idea | See Vanessa Craft

Stovetop pan filled with orange slices, rosemary, cranberries, and cinnamon sticks

This stovetop potpourri is not only so pretty but it will make your home smell like Christmas in minutes. She even shares tips on how to give this as a gift to loved ones for a holiday gift.

Stovetop Potpourri Holiday Gift Idea
Make homemade stovetop potpourri for your friends and family this year. The combined scent of orange, cranberry, cloves, rosemary and cinnamon is divine!
Read more here.

Homemade Orange Spice Potpourri | Thrifty Jinxy

orange spice potpourri graphic

Orange spice potpourri is a very popular scent, as oranges work really well in a simmering pot, and help bring out the fragrance of the spices you use to go with it.

Homemade Orange Spice Potpourri
This homemade orange spice potpourri does make an excellent Christmas gift.
Read more here.

Fall Simmer Pot Recipe | Lydi Out Loud

pan filled with orange and apple slices, cinnamon sticks, cloves and bay leaves

Fall simmer pot recipe gives you a hint of apple, cinnamon, clove, and more. Ahhhh, I can smell it right now.

This amazing combination helps to give your home that holiday season vibe in just minutes.

Fall Stovetop Potpourri Recipe
Make a batch of this fall stovetop potpourri on your stovetop (or in a crockpot) and feel yourself drifting into the calm serenity of fall!
Read more here.

Simmering Christmas Potpourri | About A Mom

crock pot of water filled with orange slices, cranberries, cloves, and rosemary.

Can’t wait till Christmas? I get it! This simmering Christmas recipe uses a handful of citrus fruits, cranberries, and more to really capture the scents of the season.

If you put up an artificial tree but miss the smell of a real live tree, this recipe will more than make up for it!

Simmering Christmas Potpourri
Enjoy the scents of the holiday season anytime you want with this simmering Christmas potpourri.
Read more here.

Don’t these simmer pot recipes look amazing? Not only do they look amazing, but they will make your house smell unbelievably fragrant and festive.

What is one of your favorite blends to toss in a simmering pot for your home?

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