Planning a day at the beach with your kids? Use these genius beach hacks on your next beach trip to make your fun day easier and more enjoyable!

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The beach. For some, the thought of the beach conjures up feelings of fun, peace, and relaxation – a break away from the worries of life.

For others, it creates a feeling of dread as they think of all the stuff they need to pack and precautions they need to take (and the sand that will inevitability get EVERYWHERE). 

No matter what category you fall into, kids tend to love spending a day at the beach. So when you decide to have your next beach day, you can never have too many beach hacks to make your stay a bit easier and more enjoyable. 

And luckily for you, we did all the research for you so you can get to your vacation that much faster.

Beach Hacks Moms Need to Know For A Perfect Day At The Beach

Check out these beach tips – beginner beachgoers and experts alike are sure to find some new ideas on this list that you can use on your next beach trip!

Make a Sponge Lei

Make a sponge lei for every family member. When wet, it’ll keep you cool when you’re out of the water.

sponge necklace

Freeze Your Water Bottles | Passion For Savings

Freeze your water bottles instead of bringing ice packs to keep your snacks cool. Your water will be extra cold for hours, and you’ll keep your snacks fresh, too.

Less to pack – less to put away!

frozen water bottles sitting in a beach bag

DIY Freezer Balloon Cooler | One Crazy House

Another option is to freeze water balloons filled with water to pack into your cooler. After they’ve thawed completely, have a water balloon fight!

water balloon cooler for a beach hack to keep drinks ice cold!

Safely Store Your Phone | The Shabby Creek Cottage

Save plastic peanut butter jars to store your phone and keys in while you’re at the beach. No sand or surf will get in there.

peanut butter jar with a cell phone and car keys inside sitting next to a pool

Sandcastle Building Kit | Sandy Toes & Popsicles

Put together your own sandcastle building kit with items you have around the house!

Paint spatulas, paintbrushes, and measuring cups are all great tools for little ones to use when building an imaginative sandcastle.

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Lemonade Pouches | She Knows

Bring along spiked lemonade pouches for the adults or delicious alcohol-free versions for the kids to stay hydrated.

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Frozen Juice | The Girl Inspired

For the kids, bring along some frozen Capri Suns. Let them thaw for a little while, and they’ll be nice and slushy… the perfect way to cool off on a hot day at the beach!

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Keep Bugs Away From Your Drink

Keep bugs out of your cup with cupcake liners. Simple but genius!

cup with a muffin liner on top to keep bugs out

Hack Your Beach Towel | DIY Enthusiasts

Hack your beach towel to turn it into a towel/pillow combo that will make your summer beach trips a dream come true. It rolls up nice and tight, too!

hacked beach towel includes a pillow

Keep Kids Corralled | Baton Rouge Family Fun

Keep babies and tots corralled in a kiddie pool at the beach. What a smart idea!

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Bring Your Own Shade | A Mom’s Take

Bring a small pop up tent with you for some shade. It’s a great lightweight way to take a break from the sun or have lunch out of the sun.

A tent is perfect if you have littles who still nap because the tent will help them rest better. Make sure the tent is well-ventilated, and you can also use a large umbrella above the tent to keep it from getting too hot inside.

tent set up on a beach with the flap open and a child inside

DIY Outdoor Drink Holder | Positively Splendid

Keep your drinks out of the sand with this easy and cute DIY outdoor drink holder.

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Use a Fitted Sheet | Team Johnson

If you don’t have a kiddie pool, try a fitted sheet with bags, coolers, etc. at the corners to keep baby out of the sand.

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Pitch a Tent | Apartment Therapy

Learn how to pitch a bohemian tent anywhere so you can stay in the shade when the sun is just too hot. Reading a good book in the shade at the beach sounds heavenly right now!

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Stash Your Cash | Inspiration & Realisation

Stash some cash in an empty pill bottle, and put it around your neck. That will keep it safe, but it doesn’t matter if it gets wet.

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Dig a “Baby Hole” | Kelly’s Korner

Dig a “baby hole” in the sand. Place a towel over the hole, and you have a cozy little spot for your little one to lie down in.

Don’t forget to pop up the umbrella for some shade!

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Make A Beach Craft | Crafting a Green World

Bring along a baggie of Plaster of Paris (and the instructions) to make sandy handprint and footprint mementos for the kids – or the grandparents.

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Easily Remove Wet Sand | Making Lemonade

Pack talc-free baby powder to remove wet sand from your hands, your legs…anywhere before you leave the beach. All you have to do is shake on some baby powder, then rub the sand right off. I don’t know why it works, but it does, and it couldn’t be easier!

baby powder bottle tipped over on a blanket with baby powder spilled

Easily Remove Sand From Toys | The Idea Room

A mesh laundry bag is a perfect container for all your kids’ beach toys! It sifts the sand, leaving it at the beach instead of trailing it into your car and home.

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DIY Lint Firestarter Log | Family Handyman

Make your own firestarters out of dryer lint and an empty toilet paper roll. So simple and yet it works REALLY well. Nothing’s better than an evening bonfire at the beach!

person holding a DIY lint fires tarter that's been lit

DIY Beach Blanket | Saw Dust 2 Stitches

A flat sheet, tent poles, shoelaces, and a little bit of sewing will get you the BEST beach blanket ever. It sets up easily, stays in place, dries quickly, and is a cinch to carry.

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Frozen Aloe Vera Cubes | The Frugal Female

Freeze aloe vera cubes just in case you get a sunburn. But, more importantly, put on plenty of sunscreen regularly so that doesn’t happen!

frozen aloe vera cubes process pics

Never Forget When to Reapply Sunscreen | Yesterday on Tuesday

Speaking of sunscreen, take a marker along with you to write down the times you need to reapply sunscreen.

How many times have you forgotten when you last put on sunscreen (and when you need to reapply)? Me too! That won’t be a problem anymore.

sunscreen bottle with reapplication times written on it

Final Thoughts on Tips For A Perfect Beach Day

Don’t let the stress of the trip or the fear of sand keep you from making memories with your family. Maybe you’re a veteran beachgoer and have tried all these tricks, and even come up with a few of your own (mention them in the comments – they might get added to the post!). 

Or, perhaps you’re a beach rookie and never would have thought to do these things.

Whatever the case, I am confident that these beach tips will make your day at the beach easier and more enjoyable.

Now get out there. Get some sun. Make some memories. 

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