Is dishwashing is a chore that you tend to avoid? No one really likes doing the dishes. These dishwashing tricks will help you wash dishes faster, easier and better.

Anytime I can get tips on how to cut down on my chores, I’m all in. And truth be told, I’ve washed a few things that I wasn’t supposed to in my day in the dishwasher and have learned my lesson from that.

But now, these dishwasher hacks can help you utilize your dishwasher to the best of its ability. Who knew that you could literally do all of these with your dishwasher?!

dishwashing tips and hacks

Dishwashing Tricks That Are Borderline Genius

Use your dishwasher to wash your veggies. It’s 100% true! Just take everything else out of the dishwasher and let the water clean up those veggies. They’ll be steam cleaned so perfectly, you won’t even have to scrub.

Empty the Dishwasher Filter. Don’t forget this part. So much stuff gets caught in there and since it’s not in front of your face, you likely forget about it as I do. It’s crazy. You can even use a toothbrush to clean it easily as well.

Make a Clean or Dirty Magnet. Lifesaver. I can’t tell you how much time I’ve wasted checking to see if the dishes were clean or not. This magnet lets you know immediately whether or not the dishwasher needs to run, or not.

Baking soda for Scoured Pans. Thinking of tossing out those pans? Don’t. There is still life left in them. Just use the handy dandy baking soda that you have sitting on the shelf to clean your pans and make them look new again.

Place a cookie rack over light items on the top shelf. This is perfect. And such a simple way to secure all the light items on top that “may” get thrown around during the dishwasher.

Sort your silverware as you fill the dishwasher. People who are OCD will love this. Not only does it save a ton of time, but it just looks nicer, too. It’s one that is totally simple as well to implement.

Turn on the Hot Tap to prime the water temperature. Simple and easy enough to do, right?

Update your dishwasher. This is huge. If you have a dishwasher from the old days, it’s time to think about getting a new one. One that will do what you need, when you need it and give you clean dishes every single time. Don’t think of it as a huge investment. Instead, think of it as a time saver and sanity saver.

Sanitize toys. This is gold. Have toys that just need to be cleaned? You can easily do so in your dishwasher. Just keep the items that you want to be washed in the top rack and you’ll have sanitized toys in no time at all.

Make a Soak Bucket to prep dishes. Don’t think that your dishwasher can work miracles! Set up a soak bucket to get rid of some of that grime before you add them to the dishwasher!

Disinfect your cleaning supplies. This is true and needs to be done. Place them on the top rack, and consider turning down the temp a little bit. Once they’re doing, they’ll be clean and good as new.

Use fewer dishes. We’re all guilty of this. Overloading the dishwasher to try to get them as clean as possible as quickly as possible. Stop doing that. Instead, try smaller loads. You may feel like you’re washing more, but you’ll also realize that your dishes are getting a lot cleaner, too.

Play poker or checkers.  Make it interesting. No one in your house likes to do the dishes, right? Well, keep it interesting and set up a game of checkers. Loser has to load and unload the dishwasher. (just make certain that you brush up on your game skills or you’re going to be doing this a lot!)

See how simple these dishwashing tips are? Anyone can do them in a matter of moments!

Do you have any dishwashing tips to share?

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