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best vacuum cleaner? Searching for a new vacuum that sucks (in the good way) but doesn’t SUCK (in the bad way) can be hard. We are in a unique position, our family has a TON of hair, and two of the kiddos love to pick at things. They are in that kiddo stage where shredding tissues behind the couch is a fun afternoon past-time. Needless to say, our vacuums could not keep up. We went through three vacuums in just a short period of time (none of the brands mentioned here), until we found the one that rescued our home!!

We were looking for a new vacuum and in the process we researched 3 of the most popular brands to help you decide what one is right for you and your household. So read on and check out these vacuum reviews and what people are saying about them.

UPDATE 1/22/15:  You can see a brief video of the vacuum that “won” the review. I have had this vacuum for over a year with six kids, and it still hasn’t broken! A win! 

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Best Vacuum Reviews


Dyson Ball Multi-Floor Upright

While this one is the most expensive of the three, there is definitely a legitimate reason for it.
Features: This 17.3 lb bagless vacuum is the heaviest of the 3, but makes up for it’s weight by being able to adjust to all floor types and move effortlessly around all areas of your home thanks to it’s delightful swivel steering. While this one does not come with a specific pet hair attachment, it works well to remove pet hair, dust, and dirt from virtually any surface. It also features whole machine HEPA filtration making it a certified asthma and allergy friendly option.
Pros: “The suction is superb, the brush adjusts well to our high pile area rug (that was my main concern), and we are now free of the dust we did not know we had.” “All the filters on this machine are washable…” “…it handles pet hair like a BOSS…”
Cons: “…it seems kind of flimsy, maybe too lightweight for my taste.” “Dust bin has to be emptied frequently.”
What Moms Say: “I have never had such a fun time using a vacuum.” “Money well spent.” “Dyson is popular for a reason.”
Price: $300

Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional Upright

Searching for something portable with lots of snazzy attachments? This may just be the one for you!
Features: Weighing in at 14 pounds makes this the lightest of the 3 models we reviewed, but don’t let it’s weight fool you. With a specialized pet hair attachment, anti-allergen complete seal plus HEPA filtration system, and a dust away hard floor attachment with a washable microfiber pad, this little guy delivers! The bagless XL capacity canister lifts away to make cleaning stairs a breeze. This vacuum also features swivel steering, 4 different hose attachments, and the ability to adapt to all floor types.
Pros: “You would not believe how much hair it pulled for the carpet. I was amazed!” “Larger dust cup that empties easily and cleanly almost every time.” “The cord is so long that I hardly have to move it.”
Cons: “When you are using the hand-held wand, it is very easy to tip the vacuum over, possibly into one of your nice pieces of furniture, which will cause your wife to yell at you and then supervise the rest of your vacuuming.” “Very narrow path…Those extra paths add up to more time and exertion.”
What Moms Say: “…this vacuum doesn’t suck because it sucks better than any other I’ve tried.” “I LOVE THIS!” “It has made cleaning a breeze!”
Price: $170

vacuum bissell

Bissell CleanView Upright 

High quality at a much lower price tag.
Features: This bagless upright is good for everyday house cleaning with 4 different hose attachments including a TurboBrush tool that will leave all the soft surfaces in your home clean as can be. At 15.1 pounds this vacuum gets more done on the first pass than many other cleaners thanks to OnePass technology. It works well on both hard and soft surfaces, although the spinning bristles cannot be turned off like some other more expensive models.
Pros: “Great suction power.” “…easy to use and empty; lightweight…”
Cons: “…to clean out the whole filter and canister area actually requires unscrewing parts.” “…the cord could have been two feet longer.”
<strong “If you want an excellent, everyday bagless vac without breaking the bank, this is it!” “…it is a really awesome vacuum…it replaced a much more expensive vacuum that wore out, but this was definitely an upgrade.”
Price: $68

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