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Children love the idea of spending their summer at various camps. Outdoor activities, musical fun, and countless hours spent hanging out with friends is a perfect way that many children envision spending their summer. In fact, there are so many summer camp options out there, that it’s possible for your child to attend a different type of camp each and every week.

The bottom line is that when it comes to packing and preparing for your child’s summer camp, many of the items are the same for them to take to each one.

Summer Camp Must-Haves for Children of Any Age

If you are looking for some summer camp must-haves for your child to pack and take with them, here are a few suggested items to help get you started!

Summer Camp Must-Haves for Children of Any Age

1. Stamps

If you want your child to write to you and send home letters about how awesome camp is, send them with a book of stamps! Part of the fun memories that surround summer camps is the fact that children love to tell others about their adventures and how they spend their days. In addition, send them with the paper and envelopes, too! Or a fun book of postcards is a fun treat as well!

2. Journal

Give your child a journal that they can keep all their summer camp memories in. It’s the perfect way to exercise their brain and work on those writing skills as well. Encourage them to write their thoughts and explore everything that they love about the camp that they are at.

3. Camping Guide

Make planning a breeze even for summer camp.  The Camping planner includes not only ALL the checklists you could need to make sure you don’t forget the important necessities, and a GIANT list of roughly 50 memory-making activities for your kids to enjoy together… and the best thing is it’s only $7!!

4. Snacks

Late night snacks at summer camp are the best! Make certain to send them with a stash of fun snacks that they can eat and share with all their friends. Don’t forget about the ants and critters so send those food items in a sealed container to keep them from being eaten by something else other than your child.

5. Swimsuit

No matter what camp they go to, swimming will happen. Don’t let them leave home without packing up their swimsuit and all their swimming accessories. And don’t forget about safety! Sending them with a life jacket is a must as well!

6. Photos of their family and friends

Homesickness is quite common when kids go away to summer camp. If you plan ahead and create a fun photo album for them to take along that is packed full of their friends and family, they’ll have the option to see everyone whenever they want. It’s the perfect way to keep that homesickness at bay!

7. Tennis Shoes

It may be tempting to let your little one leave home and head to camp in only their flip-flops but fight that urge. They need tennis shoes to be able to explore nature and provide support to them and their body. And while you’re making certain that they have their tennis shoes packed, make certain to throw in plenty of socks as well!

8. Books

Late night reading is a great way to help relax your child when they are away at camp. Pack up some new books or magazines for them to enjoy, and include a book light or two as well. When it’s late at night and they can’t seem to rest, cracking open a good book and reading for a while is a great way for them to calm down and get ready for bed.

9. An Extra Toothbrush

You can count on the fact that your child will probably lose or misplace one or two toothbrushes when they are away at camp. Pick up a pack or two at the store and send them along with plenty of extras!

10. Disposable Camera

Kids love to take pictures but you may not be crazy about sending them with your good camera. Pick up a couple disposable cameras instead! That way, they can take pictures of whatever they want and have fun with the camera. If possible, get one that’s waterproof as well!

When it comes to finding those summer camp must-haves, make certain to pack the suggested items above for your child. The more items that you can supply them to make their camp experience better, the more good memories and pleasant time that they will have!

Summer Camp Must-Haves for Children of Any Age

What item would you add to this list to pack for summer camp?