Looking to get your furry friend some new goodies? We rounded up some of the best-selling dog toys that your furbaby will surely enjoy!

The best in dog toys - what will you buy for your pooch?

Every dog has their own personality, so finding the right toy to challenge or entertain them is important. From squeaky to multi-purpose, there’s definitely a dog toy with their name on it.

15 Best Selling Dog Toys

Squeaky Toys

The best in dog toys - what will you buy for your pooch?

  1. The KONG Cozies Dog Squeaky Toy is Amazon’s #1 best seller in dog squeaky toys. Available in a variety of 10 characters, these squeakies are ideal because they have minimal filling. You know what that means? Minimal mess. A win for both owner and pup!
  2. Fido’s always chasing after squirrels? Look no further because this Outward Hound Hide-a-Squirrel toy set is just what you need to keep your pup from going after the real deal.
  3. This raccoon squeaky toy by ZippyPaws is a 3-squeaker – so you get three different types of squeaks to entice playtime with your furry friend! Plus, it’s stuffing-free, so you can sit back and relax. There will be no mess with this fun toy!

Chew Toys

The best in dog toys - what will you buy for your pooch?

  1. KONG is a brand that is best known for its premium quality in dog toys and products. If your dog is a chewer, then look no further: KONG’s Classic Dog Toy is ideal for medium to large breeds. Created with a natural rubber compound, you can stuff treats in it for a tasty and bouncy round of fun!
  2. A product of the USA, the Bacon-Flavored Wishbone Chew Toy allows dogs to get a satisfying chew. Made with real ingredients, dogs love its natural flavor. All thanks to its deep grooves, your pooch will have an easy time getting in a good bite!
  3. Is your puppy teething? Nylabone Puppy Chew toys are just what your little pup needs. It encourages non-destructive chewing habits and is made up of fun shapes and cute colors!
  4. This chewable giraffe is made of rope and is sturdy for your pup’s strong bites! Made of cotton and non-toxic dye, you can rest assured that this cute toy is safe for your dog’s teeth and health.

Ball Toys

The best in dog toys - what will you buy for your pooch?

  1. Celebrating your pooch’s birthday? These KONG Air Dog Birthday Balls come in a 3-pack of super bright, super bouncy play balls.
  2. The Interactive Food Dispensing Dog Toy helps promote healthy and active feeding. You may adjust the difficulty levels so that your dog can get accustomed to getting his/her treats from the toy. Comes in two sizes and is available in a variety of colors.
  3. Interested in a game of fetch? The Chuckit! Ultra Ball is designed in the USA and is made with natural, high-bounce rubber.
  4. If your dog is a little rough with his toys, these Snug Rubber Dog Balls are known for being “virtually indestructible.” Sold as a three-pack, these colorful balls will definitely get your dog’s attention and works with any standard ball launcher.

Flying Discs

The best in dog toys - what will you buy for your pooch?

  1. Pick up a classic red flying disc for your dog to encourage healthy play and exercise. This one by KONG is made with durable natural rubber.
  2. Again with the squirrels?! This Flying Squirrel toy is thrown like a flying disc and will soar high thanks to its aerodynamic shape. With its vibrant colors and glow-in-the-dark paws, your pup will have a great time chasing after this one!
  3. Here’s another toy that’s tough and durable: West Paw’s Design Zogoflex Zisc is 100% guaranteed against dog damage. If your furbaby is a little rough with his/her belongings, then this flying disc is ideal for playtime! You gotta let out the energy somehow!
  4. Now, this is one versatile disc! Tuffy is known for being the softest dog toy in the market. Available in different styles and colors, these toys are known for being one of the best interactive play toys!

Is your dog more of a chewer, catcher or squeaker? Let us know about your favorite dog toys in the comments below! Which one do you think your furbaby would enjoy most from this list?

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