If you are in the Middle or Southwest, it is tornado season. The unpredictable weather plays havoc on life! You don’t know if you will have electricity or not the next day. Give yourself some sanity with an Emergency Storm Kit and Plan that you can turn to when the lights go out.

Thanks to Oscar-Meyer Sanewich for inspiring this post. They asked us to plan for our emergencies, and this Emergency Preparedness kit could not have come in a better season. We used ours last night!


What you need in an emergency:

1 Gallon of water per person.

This is important. It’s for life! You need to have a gallon of water per person just in case. If a storm does hit your house (or even just the water treatment plant) drinkable water can hard to come by! Store some “just in case”.

Easy to prepare foods.

If you are holed up in a closet or the bathtub for a couple of hours, you don’t want to be hungry. During our inclement weather “season” we like to have a couple of tubs of Oscar-Meyer lunch meat on standy along with some tortillas. They are perfect for a filling snack or meal while you are waiting out the storms.

Flashlight and spare batteries.

There is nothing worse than expecting serious problems in the storm and being in pitch black darkness. Make it easier on yourself and your kiddos by making sure you have plenty of flashlights and spare batteries.

Spare Battery to charge devices.

AM/FM storm radios are handy, but if you are like me, you would prefer having your phone! You can easily add a FM controller to your phone (to use in case the cell towers are hit). We also have a charged battery that we can use to run our devices when there is no electricity. That’s been super handy even when there isn’t a threatened disaster!

Candles and Matches

Don’t have a set handy? Go DIY and make a candle out of a canister of vegetable shortening, an orange or even crayons!

Sleeping bags & Blankets.

Especially if you have a Freezer, sleeping bags will be cherished! As soon as your electricity turns off pick food to eat in the next day or so and transfer long-term foods to the freezer, and then layer the sleeping bag over the freezer. A full freezer is able to keep foods from spoiling for two days! The sleeping bags will help to further insulate the freezer. Avoid opening it if at all possible to keep your food cold.


Last time we had to go to our tornado shelter we were there for several hours. Between worrying about loved ones who aren’t holed up with you, and hearing the rukus overhead, and just plain being bored, a set of games or a good book helps pass the time.


Emergency DIY Storm Kit

Solar Oven.

You can make one yourself from a pizza box and aluminum foil. Try to have at least the supplies to make one ready for an emergency. If you are without power for a number of days you will be glad to have a source to heat food and water. We haven’t needed to use ours yet, but we know where it is if the need arises!

Tarp & Duct Tape.

Once the storm is over there is often damage to your home. Having a tarp handy is great for helping to secure your home if a window has broken, until you are able to get it repaired.


Thanks again to Oscar Mayer Sanewich for inspiring us to be prepared. Check out their Pinterest Boards for more ideas of ways you can snack and be prepared.


Have any of you survived a serious storm without electricity? What are your go-to tips? Leave a comment and let us know.