No gift is complete until it’s wrapped in pretty paper and tied with a bow. But after every birthday or Christmas season, gift wrap or wrapping paper rolls and lingers with no good place to put it. Honestly, I’ve often thrown it away just to get it out of my hair, but I wish I had thought to organize it instead.

So save yourself some money (and your sanity) with these smart (and pretty!) store wrapping paper storage. For more storage ideas, check out these clever ornament storage ideas.

12 gift wrap storage ideas collage with wrapping paper, bins, ribbon rolls, tape, scissors, boxes and shelves

Awesome Gift Wrapping Paper Storage

1. Gift Wrap Storage Station

Have you ever dreamt of having a gift wrapping station like this? Or, is it just me? It’s so pretty and organized. The gift wrap is held in place by dowels and hooks, so it’s easy to remove and replace rolls of paper when they’re empty. You can even use one of the dowels for extra storage for your rolls of ribbon. Easy inventory!

There are so many possibilities, depending on the number of shelves you have. It makes me smile just looking at it. Looking for more gift inspiration? Check out this list of 55+ Homemade Gifts that even kids can make! You can also check out these awesome wrapping paper tricks!

Gift Wrap Storage Station with shelves for wrapping paper, tape, scissors, storage boxes and bins

2. Organized Gift Wrap Closet Storage Ideas

You could turn your whole closet or part of it, into an organized gift wrap storage area. The rolls of wrapping paper could be put on dowels for easy identification and wrapping of gifts. If you have shelving, bins or boxes could be added for even more easy storage. This is a great place for all your ribbons and bows, and if you like, you can even hang items on the back or the side to make the best use of the space you have. You can even add labels! {See more closet organization ideas!}

organized gift wrap closet with wrapping paper, drawers, bins, ribbons, and gift bags

3. Store Gift Wrap in a Simple Trash Can on Wheels

You don’t need anything fancy for any wrapping paper storage solutions. A simple trash can works to keep your gift wrap upright and tidy. This one is on wheels, which is even better for moving and easy carrying it from room to room (like when you’re trying to hide presents from your kids – ohh, privacy!) If the trash can you want to use, doesn’t have wheels, you may be able to add them. This could be easily done if the base is metal.

Places like Home Depot or Lowes would probably have all the items you’d need for this project. You can choose the type of wheels you wanna use, get some brackets and screws to attach the wheels, and you’re all set. Wheels aren’t necessary, but they sure do make moving the can from one room to another so much faster. It would probably be more fun too.

Mesh trash can on wheels used for storing gift wrap paper rolls

4. Cool Idea – Wrap Your Gift Paper with Elastic

How many times have you put your rolls of gift wrap away only to have them unravel? The paper gets all wrinkled and torn, so it can’t be used to wrap gifts, then you have to go buy more. Frustrating, right? You may want to tie a piece of elastic around each roll just to keep them tightly and neatly wound. When it’s time to wrap gifts, everybody’s happy. Awesome idea for a gift wrap storage organizer!

You can buy elastic bands at a fabric store such as Joann’s, or just about any store with a craft section, like Walmart. This is such a cool idea. I think I’ll buy several different widths and sizes, just in case. Who doesn’t like having their wrapping paper nice and organized?

pink mesh basket storing upright wrapping paper rolls with a strand of elastic wrapped around each roll keeping them closed

5. Hang Your Tissue Paper and Gift Bags

A plain wire shelf is great for hanging tissue paper, gift tags, and gift bags. To save space, the rack could go at the bottom of a closet or under a bed. What a clever, space-saving way to keep those holiday essentials from getting damaged in storage and avoiding any dust. I know I’ve had to replace several of my crinkled gift bags because I didn’t have a good place to keep them. Now I do.

Gift wrap hanging from wire rack - The Old Park Homestead Blog
Courtesy of The Old Park Homestead Blog (now inactive)

6. Gift Wrap Organizer on a Frame

How gorgeous is this gift wrap on a frame? Have a glance below! Attach cup hooks on either side of the frame (the cup hooks hold up the curtain rods or tension rods, which slip through each roll of gift wrap). You’ll find the curtain rods fit nicely into the hooks. You could also do that vertically (put knobs at the ends of the dowels) and install it on the back of a door if you don’t want it on display. You could paint the frame the same color as the wall for an elegant look, or you could contrast it to make it pop.

Gift wrap organizer hanging gift wrap rolls on a wall stacked one on top of another horizontally

7. Hanging Gift Wrap Station on Door

This idea is genius and so easy to install. It’s a great way to make sure your gift wrap paper stays smooth and doesn’t get damaged in storage. Plus, it’s super convenient too. She used:

  • a short shower curtain rod (but measure first, so it fits without sticking out)
  • command hooks to hold your rod on the door
  • ring clips to hang your supplies
  • and S hooks (from Home Depot), if ya wanna hang other stuff besides gift wrap rolls

Her wrapping station doesn’t take up a lot of space. And it’s on the back of the closet door, so it’s out of sight and out of mind until needed.

hanging wrapping paper, bags, ribbons, and scissors on a rod and hooks and rings on back of door of closet

8. Plastic Bag Holder for Your Gift Wrap Storage

Who knew you could turn this handy dandy plastic bag holder into a place to store your holiday wrapping paper? An IKEA plastic bag holder makes the perfect wrap receptacle because it takes up very little space. It’s so easy to stash it in an out-of-the-way nook but still convenient when you need to wrap a gift. This is such a genius idea!

It measures a little more than 17 inches tall and 6 inches wide, so it will hold quite a few wrapping rolls. If you’ve never been to Ikea, you should check it out; this little gem is only $3! The best thing is when you’ve got all your gift wrap paper stored away, you can use these plastic bag holders for more. Umbrellas, gloves, socks, cleaning supplies, kitchen utensils, bows, the list is literally endless.

plastic Ikea plastic bag holder used to hold rolls of gift wrapping paper

9. Under the Bed Storage Box

Have you ever needed to wrap a gift fast, but realized all your supplies are in your Holiday bin in the back of the closet? This has happened to me so many times. Then, going back to the store to buy additional wrapping supplies, becomes an unpleasant reality. Wrapping your gift fast has become a much larger chore than it should have been.

Storing your gift wrap essentials so you can easily get to them ALL year is a great idea. You never know when you’ll need to wrap an emergency gift, like a last-minute birthday gift you might have forgotten about. You can even add dividers to this under-the-bed storage box to keep your gift wrap and accessories sorted. Just fill it with everything you’ll need, and slide it under your bed for quick access.

rectangular under the bed storage box for storing rolls of wrapping paper, ribbons, tape, scissors and other small items

10. Garment Bag to Store Your Gift Wrap Rolls

Have a garment bag you’re not using? Store your gift wrap there, because it will be easy to access and out of the way too. These can be stored at the back, or the side of the closet, without anyone noticing they’re even there. One garment bag can hold LOTS of rolls, or you can have several for different occasions. Plus, this will protect your rolls nicely so no wrinkles or tears when it’s time to wrap those gifts.

clear garment bag that hangs used to store long gift wrap paper rolls

11. Shoe Rack for Gift Wrap Sheets

Have you ever thought of this gift wrap idea? Hang tissue paper and gift wrap sheets on a shoe rack behind the door. Every time I try to reuse perfectly good sheets of gift wrap, they’re all crinkled and torn, because I don’t have a good place to store them. They would get so damaged and I would get so frustrated.

  • I’ve tried folding them neatly
  • stacking them on the bottom of the bin, like little pancakes on top of one another
  • sliding them against the side
  • putting them on the shelf in my closet
  • even putting them in the drawer of my hutch to keep them safe

Nothing ever worked for me. Those little extra gift wrap sheets would always turn into unusable scraps of paper.  I never thought of doing this, but it’s on my list of things to implement this month. What a smart idea!

Shoe rack attached to door used to hold gift wrap sheets and tissue paper

12. Wire Baskets on Door to Hang Gift Wrap Needs

What a brilliant storage idea for all your gift wrap needs! This smart lady used a series of wire baskets on the back of her coat closet door to store gift wrap, ribbons, gift bags, and more. You could change the layout and sizes of the baskets, depending on what you want to store there. If you have small objects to store, you could even have a basket or two (solid plastic or metal), so nothing falls through. There are so many possibilities with this little space-saving hack.

hanging wire baskets on back of door to hold gift wrap, bags, ribbon, boxes, etc

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Which of these awesome wrapping paper storage ideas did you try out first? Let us know in the comments!

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