Every kid at some point or another becomes OBSESSED with the idea of being a superhero, or at least in my family they do. If your kiddo dreams of fighting crime and saving the day, these 28 super hero bedroom ideas for their bedrooms might be just what you need to turn their plain old bedroom into a superhero’s HQ.


Super Hero Bedroom Ideas for Kids

  1. Hero and Villain Paint Color Schemes

So, you’re looking to change up your little hero’s room, eh? Why not start with a fresh coat of paint? This guy has got you covered with a list of hero and villain paint color schemes.

2. Superhero Bedroom Wall Art Ideas

This thrifty momma made her own superhero ideas wall art and it’s absolutely amazing!

3. Superhero Theme Signs for Room Makeover

If DIY isn’t exactly your strong suit, then check out this adorable super hero sign you can buy handmade from Etsy!

4. Eye-catching Superhero Sheet Set for your Little Superhero

Avengers assemble on this awesome sheet set. Your little hero will go crazy over Incredible Hulk, Iron Man, Captain America’s shield, Black Widow, and many more!

5. Pow! Cute Custom-made Comic Printed Crib Bumper

Even the littlest hero can join in on the fun with a super cute custom-made comic printed crib bumper (unavailable)!

6. Cool Telephone Booth Door for the Big Brothers

Give your little hero a telephone booth (unavailable) changing room just like Superman with this awesome closet door paint job (with PolishTheStars).


7. Bedroom Design from a Page of a Comic Book

This dad took it to the next level when he built this loft bed complete with a city skyline and super hero slide to quickly answer the call for help.

8. Batman Decors for the Little Boy’s Bedroom

Create the Gotham City skyline for your little hero’s headboard complete with the Bat Signal.

9. Cityscape Painting and Superhero Artwork

Check out this awesome cityscape that this mom made around her son’s room. Simple and VERY fun!

10. Marvel Characters: Avengers-Inspired legos

This mom took photos of her sons’ Avengers-inspired Legos and turned them into giant posters for under $25!

11. Creative Bat Signal in the Room

One of the more fantastic superhero ideas is to make your own mini Batsignal! Yes, it’s an actual miniature spotlight.

12. Thor 3D Wall Art Nightlight Superhero Decor

Thor’s 3-D wall art nightlight is a super cool way to bring a little bit of light to your kiddo’s dreams.

13. DIY Comic Book Lampshade

Refurbish an old lamp with a coat of spray paint and a super fun DIY comic book print lampshade.

14. Easy DIY Batmobile Bed

For the little one just transitioning into a toddler bed, this DIY Batmobile bed is perfect!

15. Comic Custom Letters for the Little Hero

Put some of those old comic pages to good use by creating custom letters for your hero-in-training. If you’re a little wary of destroying your comic books, just print off comic sheets from Google.

16. Skyscraper Cutouts for the Lamp

Glue skyscraper cutouts to the inside of your kiddo’s lampshade to reveal a skyline when they turn on the lamp.

17. Vintage Superhero Hanging Wall Art

I love these vintage super hero hanging wall art! They come all ready to hang and can even be custom ordered for your little one’s favorite hero!

18. Captain America Wall Decal

Captain America almost looks like he’s jumping out of this comic book cover wall decal!


19. Handmade Superhero Masks

Get these handmade super hero mask tie-backs for your kiddo’s curtains. Super cool and very well made.

20. Hanging Superhero Masks Decor

Take your little one’s Super Hero masks and hang them around the room to add an inexpensive flair to their room. (you may want to buy doubles to avoid your kiddo constantly asking you to take them down, though)

21. Custom-made Newspaper Print Poster

I absolutely love what this momma did! She made a custom newspaper print poster for her son with pictures and articles of him as a super hero. Check out how she did it, here.

22. Comic Book-inspired Lampshade

Make a super cool one-of-a-kind lampshade for your little one using Mod Podge and pages from an old comic book!

23. Cool Wall Decals

Wall decals are a quick way to spruce up any kiddos bedroom and these super hero comic ones are no exception.

24. Superhero Signs

These tin super hero signs from Retro Planet come in a set of 5 and instantly add a sense of hero-ism to any bedroom or play space.

25. Creative Superhero Cloth Bins

Add some super hero logos to cloth bins for a quick and easy hero upgrade to existing furniture!

26. Awesome Spiderman-inspired Wreath

Create a super cool Spiderman inspired wreath to hang on the door. The coolest part? It’s made out of cupcake wrappers!

27. Modern Superhero Room makeover

See how this mom turned her boys plain old bedroom into a modern super hero room that is sure to please any hopeful young hero!

28. Superhero Dresser Makeover

Got an ugly old dresser in your boys’ room? Fix it up with a splash of paint, some super hero fabric, and a couple layers of Mod Podge. Your boys will thank you.

For even more kids’ bedroom inspiration, take a look at these boys room ideas and these tips for shared bedrooms.

Which superhero room makeovers are you trying with your kid’s room?

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