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Cleaning the toilet can be a tough job, right? Stains, hard water, and bacteria are some of the most difficult things to get rid off your toilet bowl. This diy toilet bowl cleaner fights them all while still being super gentle. Best of all, you probably have the ingredients to make it right in your cupboard.

This easy diy toilet bowl cleaner will leave your toilet sparkling clean.

Toilet Bowl Cleaner DIY

I hate to clean the bathroom, that’s pretty much public knowledge at this time. And while the tile grout is my archenemy, the toilet bowls are not that far away. Especially because you pretty much need to clean them every single day (or at least every couple of days).

Since I can remember I have been making this Toilet Bowl Cleaner. The reason why I haven’t changed it or tweaked it? Because it works, period. Seriously friend, this thing works wonders. It gets rid of all the hard water stains, and just stains in general and it’s tough on the bacteria that loves to linger in there (eww). You just need a bit of it, your trusty toilet brush and you are all set.

Easy DIY Toilet Bowl Cleaner

The other great thing is that it holds up pretty well so you can make a batch of it, bottle it up and then just use it through the week. The vinegar gets rid of the water, the lime juice gives a bit of tropical and fresh scent (while being antibacterials), the baking powder get’s rid of the actual stain and the soaps just make sure that it lasts clean for a while.

While I usually prefer to keep it like that and don’t add anything else, you can also make your mix with a couple of drops of essentials oils to amp up the fresh and clean scent, lemon is one of my favorites but peppermint and cinnamon are also really good options. The essential oils usually make the scent last a bit longer which is especially handy if you have visits coming over.

Super easy diy toilet bowl cleaner

The Ultimate Toilet Bowl Cleaner DIY

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1/4 cup vinegar
1 key lime
2 Tbsps baking powder
2 Tbsps soaps
Optional: 4 drops essential oils

In a bowl mix the baking powder and soaps.
Half the key lime and juice it.
Mix well.
Add the vinegar and if desired the essential oils.