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We use our microwaves to reheat foods all the time, but you’d be surprised at the snacks, desserts and fast family meals you can cook in the microwave from start to finish!
20 Foods You Didn't Know You Could Make in the Microwave

Sometimes you’re just too busy to stand by the stove to prep food. Maybe it’s just too hot to fire up the oven. Either way, the microwave can save the day. From decadent desserts to meals that can be cooked in only minutes, here are 20 foods you didn’t know you could cook in the microwave.

Cool things to cook in the microwave

Easy Microwave Recipes

Get your fix for banana nut bread with an easy peasy Banana Nut Mug Cake.

Make Microwave Monkey Bread without turning on the oven. Tip: You’ll need a silicone bundt pan for the microwave.

Egg Fried Rice in the microwave is even easier than takeout!

English Muffins are a staple for breakfast, but did you know you can make them yourself in the microwave in just three minutes?

Satiate your sweet tooth with some Easy Microwave Pralines. You could even whip up a batch in a flash for gift-giving this holiday season!

Tasty meals and snacks in the microwave

Snacks and Meals for the Microwave

Enjoy breakfast on the busiest mornings with a quick and tasty Microwave Breakfast Flatbread Pizza.

Here’s another way to make holiday goodies fast: Microwave Gingerbread Cookies.

Caramels are a favorite here, and you can make a batch of ooey, gooey, chewy Microwaveable Caramels without fussing with a candy thermometer.

Apple Crisp is the perfect fall dessert, but if you don’t want a bunch of it around to tempt you, make up a few single-size servings in the microwave.

Cook an entire meal in the microwave! This one-dish Microwave Shrimp Primavera looks amazing, and cleanup will be super easy.

Food in a flash - use the microwave!

Cool Foods You Can Cook in the Microwave

I had no idea you could cook corn on the cob in the microwave. That’s so much easier!

Planning a date night at home? Make some romantic and delicious truffles in the microwave.

For a salty snack, try Sour Cream and Onion Veggie Chips. Yum!

Or, if you prefer good ol’ potato chips, you can make those in the microwave, too, adjusting the recipe with your favorite seasonsings.

How ridiculously overpriced are the microwaveable macaroni and cheese cups in the stores? Now you can make your own Microwaveable Mac and Cheese in a Mug for a fraction of the cost.

Did you know that you can make these delicious foods in the microwave?

Recipes for the Microwave

For a more grown-up version of mac and cheese, you have to try this Microwaved Horseradish Bacon Mac and Cheese.

Want lasagna, but afraid you’ll eat half the pan? Make Spinach Ricotta Lasagna in a Mug for all the cheesy goodness with none of the guilt.

Roasted cashews are a delicious snack, but who wants to turn on the oven for a handful of nuts? Roast them in the microwave instead!

Creamy, dreamy Lemon Curd is amazing on toast. Yes, you can totally make it in the microwave (and your house will smell amazing)!

For another yummy and easy breakfast, try French Toast in a Mug.

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