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Here at One Crazy House we love finding new uses for old things, and our latest list is all about ways to use silverware trays to get organized! Tidy up you jewelry, finally make sense of your junk drawer or corral your crafts supplies all with a handy little tray. Here are 14 silverware tray ideas to get you started, so dust yours off and put it to use.


Silverware Tray Ideas to Get Organized

Organize your family’s toothbrushes and toothpastes. This is a terrific idea for the kids’ bathroom or if you all share a bathroom.



Paint it a pretty color and install hooks to create a gorgeous jewelry organizer.



A divided basket (or silverware tray) can keep your entryway organized. Everyone can drop their belongings in their respective slots when they come in.



You could also hang the utensil tray on the wall to create an entry hub for keys, phones, sunglasses, etc.



Organize your hair accessories so you can find what you need in a pinch.



Set up an ice cream bar or a cupcake party station using a silverware tray to keep toppings divided.



Create a sensory tray of different materials for your child to play with and explore.



Organize the junk drawer once and for all with a tray! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve poked myself with a staple or written on myself with an ink pen while digging through mine.



Corral your makeup in a tray to keep the eye shadows, lipsticks, brushes, etc. neat and tidy.



Install one to shelve your small knick-knacks.



Put together a fab tea tray to impress your guests (or just to keep all your teas organized).



If you keep a whole slew of batteries to power toys, remotes and more, a silverware tray is a lifesaver for keeping batteries organized.



Keep school supplies organized at home. Use a different colored silverware tray for each kid so there’s no fighting over supplies.



Utensil trays are ideal for craft room organization! Store your washi tapes, beads, measuring tapes and more in a tray.