Nothing is more exciting than shopping for the perfect baby show gifts for a friend who is expecting. If you are on the hunt for some baby show gift ideas that the parents-t0-be, actually need, then check out this list below. These items are practical and very helpful for those first-time parents who aren’t sure what they need! When they say it takes a village to raise a child, they aren’t kidding!

These accessories and items below help make parenting a little bit easier, so consider buying a gift or two that are listed below.

The Ultimate List of Baby Shower Gift Ideas They Actually Need

Clothes are cute and fun to buy, towels and blankets are always handy, but new parents need more. I have created a list that has items that will indeed be helpful, and they may not even know they would use it. I think with all moms after you have the first kid, you learn items that you will use with each new baby in the future. Then when a new friend or family members has a baby you know top must-have items. Those are the types of items you will find below.

25 Baby Shower Gift Ideas

The Fisher-Price Auto Rock n Play is my number one item I recommend. It is a little pricey for some budgets, but it is beyond worth it. This beauty can quickly move from room to room, and it cradles your newborn keeping them happy so you can have hands-free moments.

A boppy pillow is a classic gift but doesn’t overlook it. You will spend hours breastfeeding or bottle feeding a newborn and having a pillow to help get you and the baby comfy is a must for any new mom. This helps keep pressure off your stomach, provides support for your arms and more.

Boba wraps are a perfect gift that allows you to wrap the baby up right next to you so you can do the dishes, or pick up the house and let your little one feel nice and secure.

I used this baby bath when I had a little one, and it worked great. The first bath can be scary, and you want to make sure your baby is out of the water and with this, you just lay your baby down on the mesh, and wipe clean when done.

Newborn gowns are great for girls or boys. Those midnight diaper changes couldn’t be any easier, just lift it up and you instantly can change a diaper, no fussing with zippers or buttons!

Having a pacifier that will let them take their medicine with is another great item. They suck on the paci, and the medicine comes out through a small hole.

Baby Shower Gift Ideas To Help The Parents

A sound machine is a beautiful way to give a baby noise to help them sleep and stay asleep. I recommend buying one for expecting parents.

Spiral activity toy is excellent for wrapping around the car seat and having it handy for your baby to reach up and play with it or look at the fun colors and objects.

Grass station for your counter is excellent for drying nipples, and other bottle parts. This came in very handy for me, and it is dishwasher safe to wash on the regular to keep it clean.

Gum massagers are great for a teething baby trying to pop teeth through. This one is a pretty popular and highly recommended one.

Another great option is a teething necklace. The parent wears the necklace and baby can easily gnaw on it while being held.

GroEgg is another option to give; it helps parents be more aware of the temperature and knowing if maybe baby might be overheating or need more clothes on.

A mirror for your backseat is a great way to keep an eye on the baby when they are on the road. An excellent gift for peace of mind.

A comfy glider with ottoman is a more substantial gift that is nice to have to put the baby to sleep, feed, and cuddle them with.

Portable diaper caddy is great for keeping in the car if you often travel, to store your essentials for diaper changes. Put in back seat or trunk and grab quickly when needed.

A good diaper pail is great because you will have a stinky trash can if you don’t. Diaper pails are great for locking in most of the odors from those stinky diapers.

The Best Baby Shower Gifts They Will Use

Some moms swear by Amber teething necklaces, they are supposed to help naturally help your child with teething pains!

No matter what time of year a baby is born a cool mist humidifier is great to run at night, especially in dryer months. This is the humidifier we have, and it is impressive.

Activity gyms are great for tummy time and a way to entertain your little one. Explore touch of the dangling toys, and they can work on tummy time with fun things to look at.

A learning walker grows with your baby. They can play with it when they sit up, begin to walk, and more. This makes a great gift.

Baby monitors are good to have for when you are away from your baby. They don’t have to be extravagant, so consider a primary baby monitor to give to the mom-to-be.

Baby and toddlers love activity jumpers; it can help build strength in legs for learning to walk, entertains them and is excellent for their senses. Babies grow so fast, having a few items for when they are a bit bigger is great.

If the parents have a dishwasher, this Munchkin dishwasher container is great for storing bottle parts to wash with ease.

A car seat canopy that can also be used as a breastfeeding cover as well. Help keep the elements off baby when you are lugging them from car to home.

Buying little toys that help them learn and grow and also entertain is great. Baby’s love listening to music, bright flashing lights, and even bold colors.

The Ultimate List of Baby Shower Gift Ideas They Actually Need

What is an item that you couldn’t live without as a new parent? 

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