Do you love fun and pretty DIY projects, but don’t love it when they break the bank? You will love these Dollar Store DIY ideas!

With a little creativity, and a few items from the Dollar Store, you can make easy, stylish decor. Even if you just have a few minutes for a quick craft, or even if you are new to DIYs,  we have some projects we think you will love.

“There is no greater joy in life than the joy of creating something.” ~ Abhay Kumar, poet

Whether it’s a new chic coat rack, a beautiful rope-wrapped laundry basket, a succulent wreath, or marbled mugs, you will surely find projects, Dollar Store crafts, and crafty inspiration that will delight and inspire your next dollar store DIY project!

Genius Dollar Store DIY Ideas

Beautiful & Functional Dollar Store DIY Finds

You are just a quick trip to the Dollar Store and a few minutes away from decorating your home with your newest DIY decor projects and household items. No matter the season, it’s always fun to spruce up a room with new decor. It’s even better when they are made with love, and for only a few dollars!

1. Create Kids Fridge Cups

Plastic cups from the Dollar Store are THE BEST–and budget-friendly! They care almost completely indestructible, super fun, and colorful. Plus, if your kids manage to chew on the mouth, or straw of the cup, or spend some time playing in a mud pit with it, you know you can easily replace them. BUT you will still find their drinking cups all over the house… so this Fridge hack comes to the rescue.

Glue magnets (we found a stack at our Dollar Store–you should have some at yours too, depending on inventory) with hot glue sticks to the back of the cups. When your kids want a drink they can easily put them away.

Note:  Unfortunately the hot glue at the Dollar Store was NOT dishwasher safe. Our magnets did not last through a washing, so invest in the glue sticks from Gorilla Glue. They don’t bond perfectly, but they lasted more washings than the typical hot glue gun stick did!

Dollar store kitchen organization hack

2. DIY Gorgeous Painted Vases

These metallic painted vases would look beautiful in any room! Start with a Dollar Store glass vase (or a planter), wrap it with a bit of tape, spray the bottom of the vase with paint, and let dry. You can easily make an assortment of these vases in different sizes and colors with faux flowers to suit every room and mood!

Create stunning vases - easy DIy with Dollar Store vases and metallic paint

3. Painted Bookends That Adults and Kids Will Love

And here’s another project for those plastic animals: painted animal bookends. Just affix the animal to a block of wood, paint, and voila! You have yourself some nifty bookends. How fun would this be in a kid’s room? You could craft bookends made with your child’s favorite animal to hold all their favorite books in place. These bookends would look just as good in the living room or any spot where you keep your favorite books. Aren’t these dog bookends just gorgeous?

DIY cute bookends with plastic Dollar Store toy animals wood blocks and paint. Great in living room or bedroom

4. DIY A Chic Coat Rack

With just a little marble adhesive film and spray paint, you can turn a plain accordion rack into a chic coat rack with this easy tutorial! SO beautiful and practical in the entry of any home. This coat rack would look equally good in the bedroom. I’s the perfect DIY solution for hanging purses, hats, and scarves.

Also, you can also make one for kids with a fun pattern of adhesive film, and then hang it low enough that the kids can easily reach. It would also be great in the playroom (think costumes), or in their own bedroom.

Dollar store DIY: Make a marble accordion coat rack

5. Simple Picture Frames Projects

In just a few minutes, craft small birch logs from your backyard and a Dollar Tree frame into a simple DIY photo display. This project is stunning, any time of year! It’s so easy to change the photo any time you want, too. These are easy to make and they make the most thoughtful gifts! Here is your Dollar Store supply list–(just add a photo):

  • acrylic frame
  • thin birch logs (you can get this from your backyard in many parts of the country)
  • saw (maybe pick this up from your garage?)
  • glue
  • plastic wrap or parchment paper (you might already have some in the kitchen!)

Create a beautiful photo from from birch logs and a frame from the Dollar Store

6. Easy Decorative Plate Hack

Want to jazz up your kitchen? Create lovely high-end decorative plates in just a few minutes with another Dollar Store DIY! These are just silhouette cutouts and plain white plates. You need to use Mod Podge turn plain Dollar Store plates into beautiful kitchen decor. You could even make sets for special holidays, like Thanksgiving, or Easter. While it’s easiest to make the silhouette with a fancy tool, it’s not even necessary–you can do it yourself with a little creativity to match any centerpiece you like!

decorative plate with black silhouette for kitchen decor

7. Craft Stylish Napkin Rings

Create chic and modern wire napkin rings using cheap floral wire.

With just a bit of floral wire from the Dollar Store, you can create modern napkin rings. Take a few feet of wire, wrap it around a small cylindrical object (like a craft paint bottle), tuck in the ends, and voila! It wouldn’t take long to make a whole set, and so you can transform your table or coffee table in minutes.

DIY napkin rings made from floral wire from Dollar Store

8. Dollar Store DIYs: Laundry Basket Transformation

Can you believe that this gorgeous rope-wrapped basket was transformed from a cheap Dollar Store laundry basket? With just a few materials, you will have a magazine-worthy project.

Start this Dollar Store DIY with a basket, lined with felt. Then, wrap it in rope. The magical part is painting the basket. This gorgeous color is “Americana Decor Metallics Paint” in “Copper”. Create a faded effect by painting lightly at the top, and gradually applying more paint. It is magnificent!

Make your own beautiful rope-wrapped basket from a cheap plastic laundry basket from the Dollar Store

9. Thrifty Magnets From Dollar Store Toys

These mini pallet photo magnets were made from a Dollar Store toy! Using blocks from a tumble tower game, and a little creativity, you can make your own fridge magnets. They would also make great gifts for Mother’s Day, Christmas, or even end-of-year teacher gifts. These magnets were made with photos, but they could also be made with drawings, making them a wonderful keepsake!

Beautiful fridge magnets made with wooden blocks from Dollar Store

10. Make A “Marble” Clock For Just A Few Dollars

Create this gorgeous marble clock by covering a simple Dollar Store round frame with contact paper, and adding a clock mechanism. This thrifty wall decor looks so luxe that it’s hard to believe it was made for just a few dollars. This might be one of our favorite Dollar Store DIYs!

DIY a beautiful clock with decorative paper from Dollar Store

11. Spruce Up Your Night Light

A cute night light lantern would make a great addition to any child’s room or nursery. Use a push light–the shape you choose could fuel your imagination!

Paint the edges, then cover the center with tissue paper and Mod Podge. To finish, you can even use a Sharpie to make polka dots or other patterns.

This project is loved by kids of all ages–especially when they get to help!

Crafty project with Dollar Store items - night light made pretty with paint and tissure paper

12. Create A Dreamy Fairy Garden House

This sweet DIY fairy garden little house compacts can be made using a Dollar Store birdhouse, seed packages, and a glitter. Then, set it in a pot with a bit of moss, and a few miniature gardening tools (like a watering can or shovel). Tada! You have your own fairy garden. This is a great project for kids to help create, and will be hours of fun to play with after!

Make cute fairy houses with Dollar Store bird houses and a little creativity

13. Get This Look: Craft A Succulent Wreath

Do you love having a wreath on your front door? Make this stunning faux greenery succulent wreath in minutes and have faux greenery on your door that lasts all year long. All you need for this Dollar Store DIY is a grapevine wreath to which you glue a variety of succulents. Finish it off by adding a bit of moss.

Create your own stunning wreath with a Dollar Store wreath, succulents and moss

14. Thrifty Sunglasses You Will Love

What says summer more than sunglasses? Make dollar store sunglasses look much more stylish with a DIY upgrade, using tape, and a bit of nail polish. Then, you can make pairs to go with every outfit for just a few dollars, and they would be so much fun to design! What a great way to use up extra nail polish.

Make fun DIY sunglasses with nail polish

14. Create Gorgeous Marbled Mugs On A Budget

Want to brighten up your kitchen? Or do you want colorful, unique candle holders? With this fun project, you can turn plain white mugs you find at the Dollar Store into gorgeous ceramic ware for your kitchen. This marbling technique uses nail polish to create a stunning effect. It’s as easy as can be, and it’s another great way to use up that extra nail polish!

Make cute mugs with Dollar Store mugs and a bit of nailpolish

15. DIY Baskets That Will Look Good In Every Room

These baskets look so good, that you’ll want to use them in plain sight all around the house!

Cover cheap baskets with burlap for a stylish storage solution. Store everything from toys, books, craft supplies, toiletries, and towels in containers you will love. There will be no sticking these lovely baskets into the back of a cupboard!

Make great decorative baskets out of cheap Dollar Store bins

16. Creative and Fun Dollar Store DIY: Animal Place Cards

Create your own special animal place cards. All you need is plastic animals from the Dollar Store, a little galvanized wire, and some spray paint. This is perfect for a baby shower or an animal-themed kids’ party. You can easily customize this project by choosing your favorite animals and paint colors. After the party is over, you can give them away to guests as favors, or use them to display photos or cards!

Fun Dollar Store DIY - make place settings out of kids plastic toys

These Dollar Store DIY Ideas will brighten any room!

The best thing about these DIY Dollar Store projects is that that they can be customized to suit your style and need. They are easy enough to do on a whim if you want to jazz up your home with a fresh new accessory. They are also quick enough to do if you need a gift, and who doesn’t love a gift made just for them! Most importantly, these projects won’t break the bank. Each idea costs no more than a few dollars at the Dollar Store. If you look through your cupboards, you may have some of the materials already at home. Bonus savings!

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Which of these Dollar Store DIY finds struck you the most? Let us know in the comments!

16 Dollar Store DIYs for Cheap - collage of diy activities: beautiful rope-wrapped basket made from plastic laundry bin, cute place setting card made from plastic toy, painted decorative vases

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