We are almost halfway through the school year, and my kids are experiencing lunch box burn out.

What is lunch box burn out, you ask? Well, at our house it looks a lot like lunch boxes returned with the food barely touched inside. Lots of waste, and children asking: ” Are you making Peanut Butter sandwiches again?!” Roll eyes.

We need a change of pace, and if your family is anything like mine; I’m guessing you do too! These Bento lunches are the kick in the pants you need to get creative with your kids’ lunches, as well as your own.

Healthy Bento Lunch Ideas for Kids

Is there anything cuter than a Bento box lunch?! It sure is a lot more fun than the ole’ PB&J! With a little extra effort and creativity you can take the normal everyday foods that your kids love, and give them new life.

A carrot is good, but a carrot cut into the shape of a flower is just more exciting to eat!

I’m not talking about anything crazy here. I promise.

Making an attractive bento lunch doesn’t take a ton of time if you have the right supplies.

The reusable containers are so nice. No more buying ziploc bags, as everything is reusable. Just get your containers, and supplies and be creative! I like to theme our lunches, that way when my kids open their lunches at school, they are surprised by what’s inside. So many possibilities!

Here are a few Bento lunch ideas to get you started.


Healthy Bento Lunch Ideas for Kids

Try this simple recipe for Banana and Nutella Sushi:


  • 2 tortillas
  • 4 tbsp Nutella
  • 2 bananas

Just lay your tortilla flat, and cover it in Nutella. Roll a banana inside and then slice it like a sushi roll. Nutella lover in the house? You can find more great Nutella recipes here. If you prefer, you could also use Peanut Butter.

Carrot Hearts:

This is so simple. Grab a baby carrot, the thicker the better. Cut it in half on the diagonal. Flip one over, and you have a little heart. Secure with a food pick. It only took 5 seconds and mom looks like a rock star! Bam!

Cheese and Fruit Kabobs:

  • Your child’s favorite cheese cut into stars or flowers with your stainless steel vegetable cutters.
  • Grapes, Strawberries or whatever is in season

Alternate items on a food pick. So simple and your kids will love it.

Japanese Rice Balls:

  • 1 cup short or medium grain white rice
  • 1 1/5 cups water
  • 8 baby carrots
  • 1 cup broccoli florets

Here’s the detailed directions.

Have a dinosaur fan in your house? This dinosaur bento lunch will knock their socks off!


Want more simple snack ideas? Check out our list of no-guilt kid snacks here.

The idea is to make colorful easy to eat lunches with a personal touch. Think about what interests your kids? Are they into bugs, or sea creatures? You can find supplies to match almost any interest.

Get out of the lunchbox rut, and try a bento style lunch today. Your kids will thank you!

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