You’ve heard of a cat burglar, but what about a cat thief? This adorable little kitty getting caught stealing treats from the kitchen drawer is sure to have you laughing! I love how intelligent this little guy is and his reaction to getting caught is simply priceless. That little face would melt anyone’s heart!

Cat Gets Caught Stealing Treats

This silly little kitten reminds me so much of a toddler who’s been caught in the act of taking a cookie from the cookie jar! That sudden realization that they have been caught and there’s no point in hiding it so they try to appear cute to get out of punishment. On occasion, this actually will work since the one who found them is in stitches from laughing so hard.

You have never seen a cat look so sweet and guilty as the one in the video below. The realization that he has been caught and the way he attempts to play it cool is just too much! I cannot get over how soft and fluffy this kitten looks and the big, wide-eyed stare he gives back to the camera after he has been caught. Absolutely priceless and definitely worth watching this cat video over and over again! Enjoy!

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