Pringles can crafts you can actually use, because who doesn’t love Pringles, right?

Do you know these simple Pringles can crafts that can be used in daily life? Pringles stay intact better than bagged versions of chips and they come in that handy cardboard tube. But what to do with the empty pringles containers? It seems rather wasteful to just throw them away. I’ve always thought I should turn them into something useful but didn’t know where to start. So, I turned to the crafty bloggers and creators on the web to find these clever Pringles can hacks.

From your bedside table to your kitchen table, there are so many different ways to use Pringles cans! You can even get the kids together and do a craft time project together.

All you need to customize your Pringles chip container is some paint or some pretty craft paper. Then use double-sided tape or hot glue to get your great craft paper to stick, and use stickers to label your beautiful new storage containers! You can also get creative and use other materials, like small stones, to create a textured look. You won’t even remember that they used to be a Pringles can! Let us know in the comments which one is your favorite DIY Pringles can hack.

OneCrazyHouse Pringles Can Hacks Collage Image with Title in the middle. Pringles can repurposed as a speaker, pringles cans being used as wrapper paper holder, pringles can used as a wet paint roller holder

Pringles Can Crafts You’ll Actually Use

1. Turn your Pringles cans into storage for pasta and grains

Pringles cans are great for storage throughout your kitchen. Makeover Pringles cans into a good use with just a few craft supplies like chalkboard paint to create cute, cheap kitchen storage containers for:

  • pasta
  • grains
  • beans
  • oatmeal
  • sugar

If the chalk paint doesn’t really go with your kitchen, you can use any paint color you like and use a tag to label the Pringles cans with stickers or a marker. Another option is to wrap the Pringles can with decorative paper. Whichever way you choose, the important part is that your containers are airtight and cute!

OneCrazyHouse Pringles Can Hacks Cans of pringles painted in chalk paint with chalk writing in front, knives on magnet on wall in background

2. Pringles cans for gifting cookies

Save them for gifting cookies at Christmastime (or anytime!). Simply cover them in pretty wrapping paper, add some ribbon embellishments, and a gift tag. Isn’t this a lovely project?

You can use wax paper on the inside to keep the cookies from touching the can (after washing it out, of course) and double-sided tape to wrap the paper around the outside.

This is a great idea for any odd, long-shaped gifts you might not be able to wrap. Another gift idea for the Pringles can is to use it as a prank gift for a small gift so that the giftee won’t be able to guess what it might be.

Save up your Pringles cans all year and you won’t have to buy boxes for Christmas gifts! I’m not sure what’s more fun, making the containers or the cookies to give away in them.

 Pringles Can Hacks Pringles cans wrapped in christmas decorative paper used as a cookie holder.

3. Pringles can hacks to store paint roller overnight

When painting over the course of several days, don’t bother washing out the rollers each day. Store them overnight in a Pringles can, and they’ll be moist and ready to use the next day. This way you don’t have to be making a huge mess every night when you are working on a painting project that takes several days.

This Pringles can hack is one of my favorites because I love anything that helps me avoid a mess (and I hate washing out those darn paint rollers!)

hand holding a can of pringles with wet roller being pulled out of pringles can with paint still wet

4. Pringles can as a curling iron holder

Minimize counter clutter in the bathroom by storing your curling iron in an empty can. Wait until it’s cool before putting it in there, though. This could work for some of your other heated styling tools, like your hair straightener or even your blowdryer, depending on the shape of your tools. These can be stored on your counter or you can attach them to the side of your sink or toilet to save on counter space.

Pringles can wrapped in decorative paper with curling iron stores inside in front of mirror

5. Pringles can as a plastic bag dispenser

Store plastic grocery bags to reuse later. You can make the canister prettier by decorating it with scrapbook paper or contact paper. Use an Exacto knife to cut a small hole in the plastic lid of the Pringles can to keep the bags neatly inside. Finally, you can tame that mess of plastic bags under the sink!

two pringles cans wrapped in decorative paper used as a paper towel dispenser

6. Pringles can store hair accessories

Use a can for hair accessories storage. Wrap hair elastics and headbands around the can. Put bobby pins and bows inside. Genius!

You can use these repurposed Pringles cans to organize your whole bathroom.

Hair ties wrapped around pringles can covered in patterned paper

7. Pringles can hacks: Create a smartphone speaker

Make your own smartphone speaker. The canister amplifies the sound — really! You’ll be surprised at how much louder it is. All you need is your Pringles can, scissors, beads, and a hot glue gun. Glue the beads to the bottom of the Pringles can your speaker and phone standing up straight.

This is a perfect solution for jamming on a picnic or at the beach.

Pringles can painted and made into a speaker for smartphone with smartphone coming out of hole, scissors in background

8. Pringles Can hacks: desk organizers

The mini Pringles cans are the perfect size to use as desk organizers. Just make them look pretty with some scrapbook paper or washi tape! These DIY Pringles can organizers are great for the office or craft room. Mix it up with the size of the Pringles can you use depending on the supplies you need to store.

Here’s another version!

Pringles mini cans repurposes as office supply holders

9. Pringles can be repurposed as a rock vase

If you’re willing to put in the time, this rock vase is simply gorgeous. I never would have guessed that it was made from a Pringles can. A small bag of stones and some modge podge will help you get this beautiful vase together in no time.

 Rock vase made from pringles can on table with plates, silverware, wineglasses and cloth napkins inside napkin holder on plates

10. DIY Gift Wrap Stand made from Pringles cans

Secure several cans together to make your own gift wrap stand. You don’t want those tubes to get crushed in your closet, do you? Covering the Pringles can in a pretty paint or paper will allow you to display this as an art piece for easy storage.

painted Pringles cans holding wrapping paper

11. Pringles can hack: DIY bird feeder

Add peanut butter and birdseed, and you have a nifty way to feed your fine feathered friends. The kids will love this project! A Pringles can, peanut butter, birdseed, and some string are all you need to get this awesome project done!

Pringles can repurposed as a bird feeder with seeds on the outside hanging from tree by strings

12. DIY Pringles Can paintbrush holder

Add it to your crafting corner for storing paintbrushes. These DIY Pringles can hacks can be used across your entire arts and crafts room! Use a combination of the regular size and mini cans to store the variety of tools in your arts and crafts room or office.

OneCrazyHouse Pringles Can Hacks Pringles can before and after photo, transformed to a wrapped paint brush holder.

13. Pringles can advent calendar

Create an advent calendar from a bunch of Pringles cans. This is a wonderful way to gift craft beers or other small trinkets for non-beer drinkers and a great project if you have a lot of leftover Pringles cans you aren’t sure what to do with it. Put the numbers in order, or decorate them all and then mix up the order for some extra fun. You can also repurpose it for other holidays or occasions. Imagine how much fun it would be to open each lid for a different birthday surprise! Spell out Happy Birthday with the lids instead of using numbers for a unique twist on this Pringles can hack.

OneCrazyHouse Pringles Can Hacks Pringles cans painted and stacked in shape of chrismas trees with numbers on each lifd representing each door of an advent calendar with Christmas tree in background

14. Pringles can for DIY shoe storage

String several cans together and hang them on the back of the closet door. They’re big enough to store kids’ flip-flops, but you’ll likely need something bigger for yourself. This Pringles hack can also be used to store larger accessories in your closets, such as belts or scarves. This could even be repurposed in the bathroom to hold smaller tools such as your curling and straightening irons to help save counter space!

OneCrazyHouse Pringles Can Hacks Pringles cans wrapped in decorative paper, glued together and attached to wall with a ribbon holding shoes

15. Pringles can hack for ribbon storage

Cut out part of the tube and use it for ribbon storage.  You can either paint the Pringles can or glue some pretty craft paper on the outside. The cans can also be taped together to create a storage system for your various arts and crafts supplies.

OneCrazyHouse Pringles Can Hacks Pringles can repurposed as a ribbon holder with various ribbons streaming out of it.

16. Pringles can hack: create candles from Pringles can molds

Pour colored wax into Pringles cans to achieve this tall layered candle look. Pringles cans are a great way to create tall candles since the cardboard is sturdy enough to hold the wax together, yet is soft enough to easily cut off once the wax is dry.

Fill it with one color wax, or pour a bit of one color, allow it to harden and then layer with another color to create a layered look. You can even mix different scents to create a unique scent for each color layer.

OneCrazyHouse Pringles Can Hacks Layered candles made from pringles can molds

Stop overpaying for home decor items! Your home is filled with things you have already paid for that you can turn into a home decor masterpiece.

Enjoy these Pringles can crafts? You’ll love these posts about other ways to use regular household items!

OneCrazyHouse Pringles Can Hacks Collage photo of repurposed Pringles cans, pringles cans used as pasta and flour holders, pringles cans used as paper towel dispenser, before and after of pringles can as a paint brush holder, pringles can as a ribbon holder.

Which pringles can craft is your favorite?

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