When it comes to giving money as a gift, simply handing over an envelope is about as boring as it gets. Use these clever money gift ideas to give money gifts in a way that’s both fun to give and to receive!

While nearly everyone appreciates a cash gift, giving cash always comes off as a little boring and impersonal. That’s probably because no one has ever tried these amazing money gift ideas!

A card in an envelope… everyone knows what’s there. Cold hard cash. While receiving money as a gift isn’t anything to ever complain about, an envelope of money is just plain boring and makes the recipient think you didn’t spend any time on them (because you didn’t!).

Let that special person in your life know that you care by using one of these creative ways to give money in a way that shows you know and care for them. Can you imagine trying to take some of these apart to actually use the cash?

These ideas will make money gift ideas fun for both the giver and the recipient!

Fun & Clever Money Gift Ideas for Any Occasion

If you’re looking for more creative ways to give money, use one of these must-try money gift ideas!

No matter what, we guarantee that they’re a lot more fun to receive than getting a greeting card.

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Check out our lists of gift ideas while you’re here!

Nothing Says “Love” Like Some Dough

For college students, nothing says “I love you” like the gift of cash. Put it in a pizza box for a big surprise, and I guarantee you’ll love the expression on their face when they open it up!

Grab This Idea and a Few Others Too
Give the gift of dough with these creative ways to gift money for graduation, Christmas and birthdays.
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money gift in a pizza box

Perfect For a Wedding Gift

Going to a wedding? Start a “stache” jar (get it… stash?) for the couple. Then the jar is perfect to use afterwards for cookies, a coin jar, a candy jar, or even a fun decor piece.

Easy DIY Vinyl Stache Jar Wedding Gift Idea
Looking for a unique wedding gift? Give a handmade stache jar that can be used as a money jar, cookie jar, or candy jar. Such a fun gift idea!
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stache money gift idea

Money Origami

A folded money wardrobe is a fun idea for a teen girl for graduation or birthdays! Use floral wire to make easy “hangers”. If you’re giving to a boy, there is a tutorial for a cute shirt and necktie.

Folded Money Wardrobe for Graduation Money Gifts
Put a unique spin on giving money this graduation (or birthday) season by folding the bills into dress or shirt shapes.
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folded money into dress shape

Be a Star

If money origami in the shape of a dress or shirt doesn’t seem like a good fit, how about an interlocking star? At least you’ll feel like a star after you put this together!

Star Bowl Origami Money Gift
Graduation is definitely a time to celebrate and the graduate is the absolute star! Giving your grad a gift of money? Try this method and enjoy the surprise on your grad’s face!
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money folded into a star

Origami Rosette

I’m loving these origami ideas. If you have a small wrapped gift to give, add a fun surprise to it with a money rosette. Isn’t it gorgeous?

Make a Money Rosette
Take gifting money to the next level with this rosette tutorial. Image the look of surprise on your loved one’s face when they see this!
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origami rosette out of paper money

Forget the Envelope

Envelopes are so overdone and boring. Put the money in a toilet paper tube to create a gift the recipient can unroll. Fun tip: save the largest bills for the end for a real surprise!

Give a Money Roll
Use a toilet paper roll to create a simple and fun way to gift money.
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A Chocolate Box of Money

Empty a box of chocolates (by eating them, of course) and fill the wrappers with money instead. You get chocolate, and the recipient gets cash. Win-win, I say.

Chocolate Box of Money to Give
Give a chocolate box of money! Check out this tutorial to transform an empty box of chocolates into a fun and creative gift of money
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chocolate box of money

Give a Money Tree

Now you, too, can finally have that money tree you’ve always dreamed of. Love the idea of a pretty money topiary in a flower pot as a fun money gift idea.

How to Make a Money Tree
Learn how to make a Money Topiary – the perfect gift idea for a crafty way to give them what they really want. Great step-by-step tutorial.
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Hide it in Something Ordinary

Stash the cash in something unexpected, like a chewing gum container. I wouldn’t chew the gum after it’s been mixed in with the money, though.

Clever Ways to Hide Money
No one will ever suspect there’s money in there!
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Fun Money Gift Box

If you’re looking for fun ways to give money, look no further. Wrap a tissue box, and stuff money inside.

This works just as well for during the winter holidays… Keep them guessing by adding a little weighty object in the bottom of the box. 😉

Fun Money Gift Box
This fun gift box idea is a DIY birthday gift that can be customized for any occasion and is made from items you probably have in your home!
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Make Them Work For it

How about money gift ideas for birthdays? Put the money in balloons that the recipient must pop in order to get the cash. This works well for gift certificates, too, and makes getting them a LOT more fun.

Balloon Money Giving Idea
Learn how to put money and gift cards into balloons so that the recipient has to "find" the gift.
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Confetti Money Balloons

Here’s a different money balloon idea that you’ll love. Add some confetti in there, too for a real celebratory vibe.

Money Balloons
Cards are boring! Money balloons with confetti are the most fun way to give money as gift. Get inspired and make these festive money balloons.
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Make a Money Lei

How about gifting that tropical island feel with a money lei? It’s easy to make and looks unique and incredible!

How to Make Money Leis
How to Make Money Leis – a tutorial on how to make these fun and practical graduation or birthday gifts!
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Make a Money Wreath

How about a fun money wreath? I think this would make the perfect gift for a housewarming shower!

Money Wreath Gift Idea
If you’re looking for creative money gifts for any occasion, this one couldn’t be better! Make a wreath with little bills that are rolled to look like diplomas for graduation or simple with ribbon for other occasions!
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Frame It

In case of emergency, break the glass. Here’s a quick and fun way to give any amount of cash as a gift.

“In An Emergency” Graduation Gift
These quick “In An Emergency Break Glass” Graduation gift frames contain any amount of cash.
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Christmas Money Tree

Need money gift ideas for Christmas? Take the money tree idea and make it holiday-themed with this cute Christmas money tree.

Cash Money Christmas Tree
Check out the tutorial to make this money tree as a creative way to give money to someone.
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A Hidden Surprise

Imagine their surprise! They think they’re getting a jar of candy, but there’s a hidden gift they’ll love in the middle.

Try This Tricky Gift Idea
Fun and creative money gift idea that will be a pleasant surprise for the recipient!
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A Little Extra Dough

Couldn’t we all use a little extra dough now and then? This couldn’t be an easier creative way to give money!

Creative Ways to Give Money Gifts
If you are looking for a fun and unique way to give money as a gift, find out how to give a little extra "doh".
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money gift idea with play doh

Fun Ways to Give Money For Any Occasion

There are occasions, like graduations, where the gift of money is natural and appropriate. It’s even what’s expected.

There are other times, however, when gifting money is what would be most helpful and appreciated, like when your college student just needs some gas money.

Then there are those time when you simply have no idea what to get a person so you give them the ultra versatile gift of cash.

Whatever the case may be, put some thought into it and try using one of these creative money gift ideas. With just a little time and effort, you can make it a gift they’ll remember for years to come.

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