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Have you ever given thought to become a virtual assistant? If so, you’re going to want some of these customer service hacks! Since working at home has become so popular and easy to do, now is a great time to brush up on the skillsets that are needed to make it happen.

A virtual assistant needs to have a few tricks up his or her sleeve in order to make sure the customers are happy. Your customers are not only what pays your bills, but they are the reason you get to work your dream job.

Customers should never be treated poorly, and while you don’t need to schmooze them, you should definitely treat them well. After all, how you represent yourself with your clients is what is going to make or break your new career choice as a virtual assistant.

If you’re wanting some simple customer service hacks for how you can rock your job at home, here are 5 customer service hacks for virtual assistants.

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5 Customer Service Hacks for Virtual Assistants

Did you know that if you position yourself to be a strong virtual assistant you just might take the work at home avenue by storm?

While there are a lot of ways that you can easily provide great customer service, here are some simple tips that can really put you and your services over the top.

Return emails promptly

Emailing is one of those things that you might ignore until the last minute in your personal life but don’t do this with your customers as a virtual assistant.

You want them to think they are all that and a bag of chips to you. Simply return their emails promptly and this will make them feel like you really care. (which you should!)

Make a rule in your mind that you always return emails within a 24-hour timeframe. That way you can set an expectation for yourself and your clients as well.

Watch your tone

Emails can be taken out of context so easily as can social media and phone calls. One customer service hack for virtual assistants is to always watch your tone with your clients. It will save you a lot of self-induced drama in the long run.

People read into tones as well as the way emails and messages are crafted. Typing in all caps, sighing heavily on the phone, or simply speaking with a potential customer or client in a way that makes you seem as if you’re uninterested is a simple way to offend them and have you lost clients in the future.

Treat them with respect

Always treat your clients with respect. The one time you disrespect them, it could be the end of your working relationship. Your relationships with your clients should be important enough that it comes naturally to treat them with respect.

Talk to them as equals, but make certain to get the same from them. It’s a rule of mine to treat others as you want to be treated and make certain that they’re treating you the way that you deserve as well.

Being able to have mutual respect does a great job at paving the future working relationships together.

Try to understand their point of view

Part of owning a business and working as a virtual assistant means that things are bound to go awry. One customer service hack for virtual assistants is to try and understand your client’s point of view. See where they are coming from and try to understand.

Most times just listening to your clients can open up an amazing line of communication and actually better your working relationship.

Remember the rule of always thinking before you speak. There will be times where you might not agree with their feedback or constructive criticism and it’s at this point in time that you have to decide if you’re in it to win it or if it’s better if you split ways while you can.

Before coming to that choice, listen to what they have to say. You might find that you’re rushing to conclusions or misinterpreting what they have to say. Don’t lose a client over a silly misunderstanding.

Give extra when you can

No one is saying you should work for free, but it is so nice whenever your clients get a little bonus. You know, an extra few words in an article, or even a little discount here and there.

Just like when you shop somewhere, you love it when you are made to feel special. If you can do something similar for your clients, you are going to go far. Clients love to feel appreciated. And when you’re able to pass along that kindness to them there’s a good chance that it’s going to come back to you at some point in time as well.

If you’re been thinking that now is the time to branch out and become your very own boss, what is stopping you? Being a virtual assistant is a great way to start your very own empire from home and work a schedule that fits you and your family life.

What does a virtual assistant actually do?

This is the best part! A virtual assistant can do virtually anything! From social media management to writing blog posts, those are just a couple of the varying jobs and tasks to consider.

If you’re creative and savvy, graphic design or designing websites are also great virtual assistant gigs to do from home as well.

When it comes to being a great business owner as a virtual assistant, you need to have great customer service skills. You can’t expect your clients to bow at your feet. Don’t forget who is working for who, but also don’t allow them to walk all over you! You will go far as a virtual assistant with great customer service skills as long as you remember some of these simple hacks.

You can easily start your own virtual assistant business from home and create a life and schedule that works best for you!

Do you have any customer service hacks to share?

Are you a virtual assistant? Make certain to check out these great customer service hacks! #customerservicehacks #virtualassistant #workfromhome #onecrazyhouse