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If you follow the trends of the Internet, you will notice one “trend” that is not going away is the need for virtual assistants! As websites grow the need for people to man them grows as well!

So what is a Virtual Assistant??

A virtual assistant is the equivalent of a secretary, but there’s NO limit to what a VA can do because the World Wide Web is at his/her fingertips – we actually have 6 virtual assistants that help us run our blog! If you are thinking about becoming a virtual assistant – here are some tips to think about.

P.S. We get a number of people who want to write for us, and we suggest that you check out this free Virtual Assistants Course (affiliate link) to learn the exact tasks that we do – from the comforts of our homes! While I am not a part of their community, I have hired from it and I hear they have a terrific Facebook Group for support and job sharing as a part of the course.


#1. Pick out a niche: The problem with becoming a VA is that there is so much you can do; you really need to narrow down what you are good at. Sure, you may be good at a variety of things, but focusing on 5-6 things that you can excel at is good. While you may be good at writing, perhaps you are superb at customer service. Really take some time to think about what you’re good at and make that your niche.

#2. Get your accounts set up: When it comes to being a virtual assistant, you really need some great examples of your work. You will need to find a few clients who are willing to allow an entry level VA Work with them. This doesn’t mean you devalue you work; it means you just need some experience. You can set up a website, Facebook page, or a profile of your choice to help attract clients to your business profile.

#3. Set up a PayPal account: One major thing you need to do in order to become a Virtual Assistant is to set up a PayPal account. This is the universal way of paying and how

#4. Get the right equipment: You can be a Virtual Assistant without investing a ton of money in expensive equipment, just know that it’s nice to have reliable equipment. Look at it this way, people are relying on you to help them run their business smoothly. Your computer and Internet can’t be going out all of the time. Make sure you and your business equipment are reliable.

#5. Network with other Virtual Assistants: You can read all of the blog posts you want on becoming a virtual assistant, but you really need to focus on getting hands on and learning as much as you possibly can about becoming a VA. A lot of success comes with experience. The more you learn, the more you’ll grow.

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