I’m all about DIY Thanksgiving crafts. But can we be real for just a moment? How in the world is it that we go from Halloween to Christmas and forget all about how awesome Thanksgiving truly is?

I, for one, love this holiday. Not only is it full of family and food but when you stop and look out your front door, you see beautiful scenery as the seasons are changing as well.

It’s true that Halloween happens, and people already start planning for Christmas…but the truth of the matter is, we shouldn’t forget bout the fun of Thanksgiving as well.

And I’m so happy to share with you these awesome DIY Thanksgiving crafts. They’re all so simple and festive and a great way to pony up to the table during the holidays and create with all your family and friends!

Thanksgiving crafts

If you like to create DIY projects and crafts, these are going to be perfect for you. Not only are each and every one fun to do, but they’re all a great way to get yourself some beautiful homemade Thanksgiving decorations as well.

Also, if you are looking out for Thanksgiving crafts for kids, do check this out. It is pretty interesting!

And don’t forget to let the kids join in on the fun! It’s possible for everyone to work together to create this homemade Thanksgiving crafts.

Simple and Adorable Homemade Thanksgiving crafts

Easy Candy Corn Decor | Thanksgiving crafts with candy corn

While I love eating candy corn, I also know that it’s a great crafting prop as well. But don’t worry, this craft isn’t actually about the real candy…it’s just recreating some to look as if they are real.

And once you see them, you’re going to fall in love. They will fit perfectly on a mantle or anywhere else that you need to create a fun focal point.

But beware…you’ll probably crave candy corn as you’re making this so head to the store and grab a bag (or two!) while you’re at it.

Pumpkin Vase Centerpiece 

Pumpkins aren’t just for eating, people! What I love about this Thanksgiving craft is that you have options.

You can either use a real pumpkin or a fake pumpkin to bring this to life…and it’s totally up to you and your preference.

I’d think using a fake pumpkin would mean that it would last longer but again, entirely your choice. Once you follow the simple directions you’ll realize that you just created a totally awesome DIY centerpiece without hardly any time or effort at all.

Thankful Breadboard  

This just might be the cutest DIY craft, ever. It’s literally taking a breadboard, adding some chalkboard paint and then using it to write cute messages for everyone to see.

Thankful messages, loving messages…you get the idea. It would even be an awesome idea for unique place settings for Thanksgiving dinner as well.

Thanksgiving Shutter Signs

You have to see this Thanksgiving raft to believe it. Oh, the things that a creative mind can do.

This one, though, is really cool and unique. If you do happen to make this one, you have to send a picture back to us so we can see it.

Floral Pumpkin Vases 

What a fun way to create vases that showcase the fall foliage. Super simple and easy to make, this Thanksgiving craft is certain to please.

Have it sitting on a shelf at home, on the mantle over the holidays or even in the center of your table during dinner.

Baking Twine Pumpkins

If this isn’t farmhouse rustic, I don’t know what it. I’m a bit obsessed over these homemade pumpkins and I can’t wait to have these out for Thanksgiving this year in our home.

And the best part? They literally take minutes to make!

Pinecone Place Holders

What a fun way to showcase the place holders for dinner! Simply use pinecones from your yard to give your table that rustic look and feel.

Why not bring in a bit of the great outdoors this holiday season?!

Antique Wash Napkin Rings

Have you noticed a bit of a trend here with all of these awesome Thanksgiving crafts? They’re all a bit outdoorsy feeling and most have that Farmhouse look and feel as well.

Burlap Table Runner

This table runner is adorable. Save your money from just trying to find one at the store and instead, make your own. It’s totally doable and looks perfect for the Thanksgiving table!

Easy Fall Leaf Pillow

Can one ever have too many pillows in their home? I think not. And when it comes time for fall to arrive and this Thanksgiving holiday to quickly follow, it just makes sense to have some fall leaf pillows lounging around the house!

Fall Leaf Garland

This fall leaf garland would go perfectly with your homemade fall leaf pillows above! You can literally create an entire cozy room with a fireplace as your focal point with all these wonderful DIY Thanksgiving decorations.

Thankful Dry Erase Board

Give thanks easily and to all of your family and friends with this lovely Thankful Dry Erase Board. It’s a simple way to show your loved ones that you really are thankful that they’re there.

Turkey Pumpkins

Last, but definitely not least, are these adorable Turkey Pumpkins…and if you’re asking me, every home should have a couple of these showcased. They’re just too cute to pass up.

See how fun it can be to create and decorate your own home for Thanksgiving! With just a little bit of creativity and time, you can easily have a Thanksgiving-themed home in no time at all!

Which of these is the best Thanksgiving crafts Ever according to you?

best Thanksgiving crafts ever

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