Who doesn’t love the Dollar Store? It’s aisles upon aisles of glorious items and merchandise that satisfy the need of any budget and household. With every item being a dollar (or less!), it’s a great place to go and shop to find some crazy-good items that your household may need. Truth be told, it’s hard to say no to an item that is only a buck, right? While that money amount can be friendly on your budget, it’s important to realize that each and every dollar can start to add up quickly as well. Keep in mind that not every item is created equal at the Dollar Store, but there are some that are truly a great buy!

10 Crazy-Good Items to Purchase at the Dollar Store!

10 Crazy-Good Items to Purchase at the Dollar Store

  • Helium Balloons. I don’t know about where you live, but the cost of helium in the midwest states is high! But at the Dollar Store? Each and every helium-filled balloon is only a dollar. Being able to pop in quickly and get 5 balloons for $5? Perfection each and every time.
  • Earbuds. Earbuds are one of those items that seem to get lost or misplaced at least once a week. Instead of spending a bunch of money on replacement ones, head to your local Dollar Store and stock up on them. For a buck each, you can afford it!
  • Reading Glasses. If you know your strength of reading glasses that you need, you’re in luck because the Dollar Store has options! Buy a few pairs to have stashed around your house for those “just in case” moments.
  • Gift Bags. If you’ve never checked out the gift bag options are the local Dollar Store, do so! They have so many cute options and themes that it’s crazy to spend more than $1 anywhere else! How many times have we all been guilty of buying a gift bag that’s half the price of the present?
  • Makeup and Nail Polish. While it may not be brand specific, there are a ton of cool makeup options and fun nail polish colors to choose from. They are great buys and also super fun stocking stuffers for the holiday season as well!
  • Reading Books. Looking for some inexpensive reading material for the summer months? The Dollar Store has you covered. Check back frequently as their options change all the time!
  • Toothbrushes. There’s no need to spend multiple dollars on one toothbrush when you can head to the Dollar Store and buy several for the same price. It’s always a good idea to have backups when it comes to your teeth hygiene!
  • Writing Utensils. Depending on your needs, you can get highlighters, pens, pencils and fun colored markers all super cheap. It’s a great way to keep your office and your kid’s craft corner stocked full of great options!
  • Towels and pot holders. Can one ever have too many kitchen towels and potholders? The short answer is no. Stock up and get some fun seasonal prints as well!
  • Puzzles and Road Games. The Dollar Store is a great way to get some fun puzzles and road games for summer traveling. They have a ton of options and variety for anyone needing a little fun on the road.

10 Crazy-Good Items to Purchase at the Dollar Store!

The next time you are searching for a few items that won’t break the bank, head over to the Dollar Store and see what you can find! These 10 items listed above are always a great purchase and pay for themselves time and time again. Make certain to check in frequently with what they have in stock because their inventory changes on a weekly basis!

What items do you love to buy from the Dollar Store?

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  1. I always love recommendations on what to buy at the dollar store. I always buy containers there, but puzzles is great suggestion. I need to go check out my dollar stores selection!

  2. Thank you for these ideas on what to buy at the dollar store! I can’t buy makeup there because I have really sensitive skin and break out easily from their stuff, but gift bags, festive towels, and holiday decorations are always found at a steal! They also have great, inexpensive supplies for teachers!

  3. I never know what to buy at the dollar store since I don’t visit it as often as other stores. I forget that they offer things like books and earbuds as such great prices!

  4. The dollar store for road games was a real money saving strategy for us! I would make a basket and pull out one cheap project at a time for my kids over long road trips. It literally saved our sanity when they were small.

  5. I’m loving this list of what to buy at the dollar store. The dollars saved on these simple household items is really going to add up over time!

  6. I love recommending what to buy at the dollar store to my friends– I’ve found that I can get refills on cleaning supplies and hand soap for very cheap there, too! Thanks for sharing this!