Nobody really knows what’s behind those closed closet doors. With the hustle and bustle of everyday life, work, and other responsibilities, your closet can become a catch all shut the door kind of place. Once it gets to a point of no return, it’s hard to know where to even start when organizing. However, there are some really nifty closet organization ideas you’ll love.

6 Easy Closet Organization Ideas

6 Easy Closet Organization Ideas

  • Use bins: Big bins are great for tossing shoes into. Of course, they may get thrown about when you look for a certain pair of shoes, but they can easily be picked up again unlike with shoe racks.
  • Divide and Conquer: Do you ever find it challenging to keep your sheets and blankets in order? Divide your closet into categories: his, hers, blankets, sheets, shoes, etc. Once you have everything in divided piles, pick up each pile and store it in a bin with a lid. Label each bin accordingly, and see how simple life can be.

  • Use foldable storage: Those foldable storage cubes work wonders in closets for little things such as socks, panties, purses, and belts. If you have a shelf, these cubes fit perfectly side by side for easy use and storage. If you don’t have a shelf, consider getting a closet shelf to go above your clothes rack for extra storage space.
  • Use a double hanging rod: If you have a lot of clothes on hangers, consider getting a double hanging rod which links to your current rod adding another row of hanging space below.

  • Use an organizer hanger: If you have several spaghetti strap dresses or tank tops that seem to keep falling to the floor, consider an organizer hanger. An organizer hanger can hold 8 items on one hanger and has specifically designed rods to hold your apparel without all the clutter.


  • If you have drawer modules in your closet, try the KonMari Method of folding. See how I kept the family’s clothes in order.

Whether your closet just needs few tweaks or a whole makeover, these favorites are sure to help you get your closet organized without emptying your pockets. What other ways have you found to organize your closet?

6 Simple Closet Organization Ideas You'll Love

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