If you’re looking for some great gifts for Dad that don’t stink, these options may be just what you’re looking for!

Every time that Father’s Day rolls around, it’s always a bit of a battle trying to figure out what to get dad. It can be hard to figure it all out, but the sooner you start shopping, the sooner you’ll know that you’ve found the perfect gift.

No matter if your dad likes outdoors or indoor fun, this list is bound to have something great on here for him that he’ll love. Don’t spend your time running through the stores trying to find something off the shelf…instead, shop online and see if any of these gifts are just what he needs!

Looking for great gifts for dad? You'll fall in love with all of these amazing options! Dad is certain to love them as well! This year, no ties! #giftsfordad #fathersday #birthday #onecrazyhouse

13 Father’s Day Gifts that Aren’t Ties

The days of giving dad a tie are long gone! Here is a great collection of Father’s Day gifts that don’t suck!!

1) Glow Bowl – Ok this one is more for my own sanity! Maybe if the bowl is lit it will stay cleaner for longer, or is that just wishful thinking? Either way, dad will think this is fun!


2) Leather Messenger Bag – Leather can be so manly am I right? This bag is perfect for dad to carry his stuff around, a real fun man bag!


3) Suspension Trainer Kit (TRX) – This suspension system is all the rage and it will provide dad with a fun and challenging workout!!


4) Shuffleboard – This game is perfect for the man cave! If dad doesn’t have a man cave this is the perfect start to his man cave!


5) Poker Table Top – Dad will be able to turn the kitchen table into the casino with this fun poker table. Guys night in is officially ready to start!


6) Keychain Car Escape Tool – This is another one that is kind of for me as well as my hubby! I can have peace of mind knowing that this safety tool is right at my hubby’s fingertips when he is out and about with the kids!

Don’t forget these great gift ideas!

7) Amazon Echo – This will be dad’s favorite new toy! You can talk to it from anywhere in the room and it will do what you tell it! It can read audio books or play music and it does about 1000 other things!


8) Go Pro – Who knows what kind of crazy videos dad can take with this Go Pro! Maybe he will put it on a football or attach it to the dog, who knows but it will be hours and hours of entertainment!


9) Custom Street Sign – Whether he puts it in the garage or in his man cave this custom sign is perfect as a personalized gift for dad!


10) Jam Stik – Portable Guitar – This fun guitar connects to the phone so you can jam out anywhere! The fathers in your life will love playing around with this wherever they are.


11) Charcoal Grill – Guys seem to love to be outside cooking meat on a grill…am I right? Dad will love this charcoal grill with all the wonderful flavor it can add!


12) Amazon Fire TV Gaming Edition – This one doesn’t even need an explanation! Dad will love playing video games and watching TV with this fun amazon fire tv!!

This Father’s Day, these gifts for dad are certain to be a hit!

What is one of the best gifts for dad that you ever gave?

Looking for great gifts for dad? You'll fall in love with all of these amazing options! Dad is certain to love them as well! This year, no ties! #giftsfordad #fathersday #birthday #onecrazyhouse

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