You may have heard that the Instant Pot is a mom’s best friend. It makes weeknight dinners so much easier, and not to mention faster. You can cook a variety of dishes all in one pot, from breakfast, yogurt, pasta, whole chickens, and the list is pretty much endless. But did you know that it makes some of the most desirable and delicious desserts? I am here to bring some Instant Pot cake recipes along with other Instant Pot Sweets to make your mouth water. Below you will see a variety of desserts that all can be made in your Instant Pot! Experiment and have some fun and enjoy the drool-worthy desserts you are about to see. The beauty of the Instant Pot is you can make these instant pot cake recipes and other desserts with minimal effort. They are pretty much fool-proof if you follow the instructions. The instant pot will cook your desserts and let you kick back and wait until you hear the beep.

Instant Pot Cake Recipes and Other Sweets

Perfect Instant Pot Cake Recipes

Instant Pot Pressure Cooker Pound Cake - Skip to My Lou

This almond pound cake by Skip to My Lou looks totally amazing. I can imagine the rich flavor with a hint of almond! Toss in some fresh berries and a dollop of whipped cream for a treat that will make your heart skip a beat.

If you have a hard time resisting the temptation of cheesecake, you might want to try Slap Dash Mom‘s luxurious salted caramel cheesecake that is full of rich creamy goodness.


Peanut Butter Chocolate Lava Cake

I love Lava Cake! This pressure cooker recipe from FoodnService looks incredible with so much ooey gooey goodness.

Yum…Girl Scout Cookie marries cake in an Instant Pot, oh how amazing! I’ve got to try this Samoa Cheesecake from Lady Behind the Curtain.


Oh, my heavens Passion for Saving‘s Reese’s peanut butter cup cheesecake is extra rich and will be a perfect treat to make up for the next time you host a dinner at your house.

Please not another cheesecake recipe! Yes, but Japanese cheesecake is so much different from what you’re use to. It’s super fluffy and airy. Plus Kirbie Cravings Japanese cheesecake recipe is only 3 ingredients.

Okay, okay, let’s try something different. How about this Angel Food Cake from Temecula Blogs?

Delicious Instant Pot Sweets

I am a sucker for a good dessert. Whether it is a classic cake, cookies, brownies, cheesecake, I am sure my taste buds will be pleased. With the Instant Pot being such a popular kitchen appliance right now, I thought it would be fun to share some instant pot cake recipes and other instant pot sweets for you to try. I know I am always on the hunt for new recipes to try out in the instant pot, and if you are too then you might really love this post. From classic cakes, cheesecakes, pudding, pumpkin pie and more, I got you covered below.

I can’t say I’ve ever tried this before, but Pressure Cooking Today‘s Chocolate Pots de Creme looks so delicious.

Pumpkin pie doesn’t have to be for the holiday season only, make this any time of year for one delicious treat. A Calculated Whisk‘s grain free recipe is doesn’t skimp on taste at all!

Gluten free Instant Pot Punpkin Brownies

Serve up these Instant Pot pumpkin brownies from The Primal Desire the next time you have guests over. These are paleo-friendly and delicious to the last crumb.

You can never go wrong with a classic apple crisp. Slap Dash Mom suggests serving it warm with a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream. You’ll have one decadent treat. These are great to whip up in a hurry for those unexpected guest that might arrive with an appetite.


Tapioca pudding or what I grew up knowing it by the name of fish eyes, is one pudding that has stolen the hearts of many. That rich and creamy flavor, with the little balls, makes for a fun snack. Thanks, Skip to My Lou for another great recipe!


Monkey bread is something we love to serve up warm the first time we eat, and then have the leftovers for breakfast the next morning. You have the cinnamon sugar paired with the biscuits and then the glaze completes this. Princess Pinky Girl‘s recipe is an absolute winner!

Looking for a comfort food, try Tastes of Lizzy T‘s apple dumplings. You have the apple cinnamon taste paired with the dumplings, for a decadent dessert.

That sweet and tart from a key lime pie can’t be beaten, especially on a warm summer day. Here is an instant pot inspired recipe for this tasty pie from Skip to My Lou.


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