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The lemon is a powerful fruit. It must be hard to eat a lot of lemons at one time for the simple reason that there are so many other uses for them!

So let’s talk about your sink, and oh goodness, MY SINK. The chrome–it gets covered in those water stains that look awful. And it’s terrible because, I mean, it’s just water. It’s not like it’s some decaying food, but something about having those pesky little water stains all over your sink just gives it that dull, dirty look. And we don’t want dull and dirty, we want clean and shiny!

The trick to getting water stains off of your sink!

Well, friends, I have a quick and easy hack that is totally chemical free and leaves your bathroom smelling as fresh as a summer day!

All you need is a LEMON!


Simply cut a lemon in half, apply to the sink, and rub. Let the citric acid do it’s thing–it works wonders on these pesky little stains–let me tell you. If the stains are especially pesky add some salt. Viola!

When everyone at the grocery story is in the cleaning aisle looking for harsh, chemical-laced soaps, I’m over in the produce section loading a bag up with lemons. Because you cannot deny the power of the lemon; they leave my sink looking shiny and new again! And I hope they’ll do the same for yours!