Stun your guests at your next BBQ with these finger licking good Instant Pot Side Dishes! We all know throwing a BBQ can be a ton of fun, don’t waste any extra time cooking, pull out your Instant Pot. You can whip up perfect side dishes that will pair perfectly with your grilled meat, and it will take a fraction of the time. Not to mention, the Instant Pot won’t heat your home up either, like running the oven or cooking on the stovetop. Check out the top Instant Pot side dishes you will want to test out this summer for entertaining guests. They also make perfect sides for a weeknight dinner.

I have learned to rely on my Instant Pot for cooking quick and easy side dishes. It saves me time in the kitchen so I can enjoy the more beautiful things in life. Watching the kids play in the pool, sharing funny stories with friends, and just getting outside where I feel happiest. I can still cook those satisfying dinners and side dishes without wasting as much time in the kitchen. If you are like me and want the most accessible route to getting the side item cooked, then dust off your Instant Pot and get cooking.

13 Must Try Instant Pot Side Dishes for BBQs

Top Instant Pot Side Dishes For A BBQ

Change up from your classic baked bean recipe, and try out this Instant Pot Charro Beans. You have beans, bacon, peppers, herbs, and more. You can get a little kick in heat and flavor with these easy beans.

Macaroni and cheese is perfect any time of year, but when you pair it with some sticky ribs or a grilled hamburger, it makes it taste even better. In only 9 minutes you have homemade macaroni and cheese.

Instant Pot Side Dish - Bacon Ranch Suddenly Salad - Adventures of a Nurse

Make this Copy Cat Bacon Ranch Suddenly Salad recipe for your next bbq! You get al dente pasta, creamy ranch sauce, chopped up bacon, perfect down to the last bite.

Instead of filling up the grill with corn on the cob, make it in your Instant Pot! Two minutes is all it takes for that perfectly juicy and slightly sweet corn to sink your teeth into.

Looking for a lower carb option? Try this cauliflower souffle which is creamy and cheesy and extra satisfying. It is similar to serving up a mashed potato that is loaded with cheese.

instant-pot-artichokes-Savory Tooth

You can never beat a perfectly cooked artichoke! Try these Instant Pot artichokes recipe with a spicy garlic mustard dipping sauce. Talk about scrumptious.

Just 5 Minutes to whip up this Instant Pot potato salad. Tender pieces of potatoes in a creamy mayo and mustard sauce. Nothing compares to homemade potato salad.

I also love serving sweet potatoes up when I cook pork or even chicken. They pair great together, and this Instant Pot recipe cooks the sweet potatoes so much faster than in the oven.


Garlic mashed potatoes are like kryptonite. The mix of creamy potatoes with a hint of garlic is just the perfect side dish. Dip a juicy steak into the potatoes and be prepared to have your mind blown.

Black Beans and Chorizo is another different side to serve up. It does have a kick of heat in it, but if you can handle the heat you will appreciate the flavors!

instant-pot-corn-casserole-Temecula Blogs

This corn casserole is excellent to dish up to guests. Hearty and packed full of sweet corn flavor that will mix great with baked beans and other side dishes.

Potatoes au gratin is a more hearty side dish, but I am a huge fan of any potatoes and love to serve up tasty potato dishes for any occasion.

Quinoa black bean salad is a nutritious and wholesome side to make. You get tex-mex flavors that will wow your guests.

Summer BBQ Instant Pot Side Dishes

Do you have a favorite side dish you enjoy making in the Instant Pot for BBQ’s? 

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