It’s no secret that a dog is man’s best friend, right? So why not pamper your pet in a special way to showcase your love? But what about all the other animals out there? Cats, birds, llamas, goats and even chickens? You get where I’m going with this, right? Each and every one of us has the ability to have many different animals as pets during our lives. While some people prefer to have a warm and cuddly pet to snuggle with at night, others love to have a scaly and slimy reptile to hold instead. That’s the beauty of pets! To each their own!

10 Simple Ways to Pamper Your Pet

When it comes to finding fun ways to pamper your pet, the options are truly endless. Here are 10 simple ways that you can pamper your pet, no matter what type of pet it is! Also, check out this article to ensure your garden is pet-friendly!

10 Simple Ways to Pamper Your Pet


Give it treats! Not only do we like to be rewarded with good food, but pets do too! Spend some time finding out exactly what type of tastes make your pet happy, and then get them some treats that you know they will love. And just like anything, moderation of those treats is key so giving them to them sparingly is that makes them considered a treat!

Play Time

Play with it often. Every pet likes to be held, petted or snuggled. So, why not give it what it wants? Plus, it’s a great way to help you feel happy and relaxed as well!


Build its own space. We all need our own time and space at times, right? Guess what…pets do, too. If they are wanting a nap or just a space to stretch out on their own, build it for them. It doesn’t have to be anything grand, just some space that is all theirs to lounge about as they please.


Clean their area. If pets could, they’d make certain to clean up after themselves. But, since this is the real world and that’s not really an option, it’s up to you to make certain that their areas are nice and clean. Clean paper, litter boxes, water bowls…you name it. If you wouldn’t want to eat or sleep there, what makes you think that they would?

Exercise Time

Exercise them regularly. While you may think that your pet would prefer to sleep around all day long, if, given the choice, they may surprise you! Take them with you on walks or rides and let them exercise those little bodies!


Take them to the groomer. Trying to give them a haircut or a trim yourself may be a cost saver, but what your pet truly wants is to be groomed by a professional. It will be much quicker and less painful to just let someone else take over and do it from the beginning.


Consider them a member of your family. The more love and inclusion that you can show your pet, the better. From the moment that you bring them home, you are their whole world. Make them know just how loved they are by welcoming them into your home and heart as a member of your family.

Special Treats

“Accidentally” drop some food on the floor for them to clean up. While this may pertain more to dogs, in particular, it’s still a great way to pamper and spoil them every once in a while. And if you really want them to feel loved, leave that dishwasher open so they can help “pre-rinse” your plates!

Pay Attention

Listen to them when they speak. Whether it be through barks or meows, your pet is trying to tell you something. Pay attention to them and their needs when they are talking. It’s amazing how clearly you’ll be able to understand exactly what they want when you stop and truly listen.

Pet Sitter

When you leave home, leave them in good hands. Consider a pet sitter to come and take care of them. Don’t go cheap when it comes to boarding them while you are gone on a trip! You need to have someone watch them and take care of them just like you would while you are gone!

While there are a ton of other simple ways to pamper your pet, this list is a great list to reference to help get you started. Show those furry friends some love and give them some much-needed pampering as well!

10 Simple Ways to Pamper Your Pet

How do you like to pamper your pet?


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  1. Making your own treats is such a meaningful way to pamper your pet! All of the TLC that goes into making their favorite snack is so appreciated, and I like knowing each ingredient that goes into them!

  2. I’m one that believes everyone should pamper your pet. Our pets are an important part of this family and I hope they always feel that way!

  3. I love these ideas on how to pamper your pet. I feel like we can’t always give our dog enough attention while having two littles, so we will have to try some of these out to show our pup a little extra TLC!

  4. I really love these suggestions for how to pamper your pet! This is a topic so close to my heart because all of our animals were strays or rescues. I love taking our dog to the groomer, too– it makes my whole day seeing our sweet girl so happy after her appointment!