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I have those people on my list. You know the ones. The hard-to-buy-for people who we all know and love!

And then there are the people that we don’t know as well, but need to find something clever.

And then there is the need for that little extra gift hidden away in the gift closet, just in case.

I have the solution for each one of these situations. It is easy. It is a perfect fit. It is awesome. the gift for anyoneThis holiday give the gift set! 

Poo-Pourri gifts come really nicely packaged (they even come in gift sets) and are an amazing fit for anyone on your gift list…even those challenging ones!

Don’t just take my word for it. This video will surely convince you {giggle}:

{embed YT video:}

See, “Buy it because it is funny. Use it because it works.” That TOTALLY makes sense!

For your holiday gifting pleasure, there are three limited holiday scents:

  • Secret Santa: Cinnamon, Vanilla & Citrus
  • Spiced Apple: Apple, Pecan & Citrus
  • Merry Spritzmas: Peppermint, Vanilla & Citrus

open gift box Poo-Pourri It was a gift that first introduced me to

I was skeptical because I do not like the traditional bathroom spray. The traditional bathroom spray seems to layer on top of any bathroom smells and it always makes me cough.

Poo-Pourri is different. You add it to the toilet bowl before you sit down. Instead of the cough-inducing chemicals of the traditional spray, Poo-Pourri has a pure blend of natural essential oils which creates a film on the surface of the water that traps the odor underneath.

It is a completely different experience. Spiced Apple Poo-Pouri sq Poo-Pourri is really full of good stuff. There are no synthetic fragrance, no alcohol, no aerosol, no parabens, no phthalates, no formaldehyde.

This makes it safe to breathe and safe to flush.

And it smells delightful!

Yes, I used the word delightful in relation to YOUR bathroom.Merry Spritzmas Poo-PourriWhat I absolutely love about this gift set is that it is something the recipient will USE.


Whether you need a great-Aunt Sarah gift, a next door neighbor gift, a favorite co-worker gift, a hostess gift, a teacher gift, a boss gift, a significant other gift…this works perfectly!

Oh, and it is really the perfect gift for yourself too. Those same holiday scents that you wish OTHERS would use in the bathroom work as well on yourself {shhhh…I know! I know!}

The smaller Poo-Pourri bottles are the perfect size to pop into your purse just in case you have to go while you are out. Whether you are at a holiday party or traveling and sharing a bathroom, having the secret weapon of Poo-Pourri just makes life smell better.

My boys have to share a bathroom at home. Yes, three boys. One toilet. Poo-Pourri has been a life saver and kept the sibling fighting over horrifying scents to a minimum and it has allowed me to freely walk into that room without a gas mask.

Give the gift of a holiday-scented, better-smelling world with – whether that be for yourself or others!

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