When’s the last time that you ate delicious homemade holiday bark? I can think back to my childhood and remember fondly of chowing down on this chocolate delight.

And while I’m not really certain if we ever truly made it or not at our house, I know that we somehow scored some every holiday season and ate every last bite.

This holiday season, why not create your own tradition and make your own homemade holiday bark? It’s not that difficult to do and it’s a taste that everyone will love. The best part? It’s one of those treats that you can literally just grab and go as you’re running to and fro from all those holiday parties!

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Scrumptious and Delicious Homemade Holiday Bark Recipes

The great thing about making homemade bark is that each and every recipe is unique. Some are made with milk chocolate, some white chocolate and some have flavors that are going to wake up your taste buds.

Enjoy the simplicity of every single one of these holiday bark recipes. I hope that you find the time to make each and every one.

Homemade Peppermint Bark is like a total staple for Christmas. The peppermint flavor is so good and out of this world yummy.

Do you have candy canes that you’re needing to use up? This Candy Cane Bark recipe is right up your alley. Not only does it melt in your mouth but it also has a nice crunch to it as well.

With a name like Easy Mint Bark, you know it’s going to be just that. If you’re looking for a holiday bark recipe that won’t take you any time at all to whip up, this is the one for you.

This holiday bark recipe makes my mouth water. Who wouldn’t love the taste of White Chocolate Cranberry Pistachio Bark? You have your sweet, your salty and the cranberries to add in a little chew…total perfection, if you’re asking me.

While M&M’s are totally awesome on their own, you can take them to a whole other level with this simple M&M Pretzel Bark. The problem in our house is me getting my hands on any M&M’s before they’re eaten!

Melted Snowman Bark just might be the cutest thing ever. How can you deny this treat? The truth is, you can’t. Indulge yourself into a bite (or two) of these simple holiday bark.

Just when you thought you’d found your favorite with the Snowman bark above, along comes this Easy Rudolph Bark. Can you pick between the two and decide which one is your favorite? Challenge accepted.

Milk and Cookies Bark is the perfect combination. You can literally save so much time by not having to actually dip cookies into milk! This recipe creates both those flavors into a simple bite.

This Christmas Hat Bark is just too cute. I love the concept of this one and I think that this would make a really fun DIY Christmas gift to give to your family and friends. Who wouldn’t want to receive a tin filled with homemade chocolate bark?

Vanilla Wafer Bark is by far one of the top ones that I love on this list. If you love that simple flavor of Vanilla Wafer’s, you seriously can’t miss this dessert.

Grandma’s Christmas Bark is all about the memories. We all probably have that one recipe that just reminds us of our Grandma. This bark recipe is one of those and I really think you’re going to enjoy it.

Wait till you try this Nutty Christmas Bark. It has such a fun texture that there’s no way you’re going to be able to stop at just one piece! (and when you’re an adult, who says that you have to?!)

And there you have it. These holiday bark recipes are just the dessert trend that you need to make. All are so simple to do, you really can’t go wrong with making them.

Make them for yourself or gift them to those that you love. However you decide to make them up and eat them or share them, just make certain that you’re sharing the love! Each recipe makes a good amount to nibble and share so there is more than enough to go around!

Do you have a favorite holiday bark recipe from the list?

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