Whether you take your shower at the beginning or at the end of your day, odds are, it’s one of the best things you do for yourself. It’s refreshing and relaxing… or at least it should be. But maybe you’re knocking over bottles of conditioner while trying to reach for your body scrub. Perhaps your shaving gel leaves a rusty ring and it’s ruining the look of your shower. Not so relaxing, right? Well, lucky for you, we’ve found some shower hacks to take care of everything from less hair in the drain to creating a more inviting, relaxing shower experience.

6-photo collage of 15 SHOWER HACKS every girl should know - shower products stored in mesh shoe organizer, DIY bathtub tray, girl brushing long hair, DIY shower cleaning wand, clothes hung in shower to steam while showering, and sprig of eucalyptus hung on showerhead.
15 Shower Hacks Every Girl Should Know

Genius Ideas for a Better, Easier & More Fun Shower

1. Want Budget Shower Hacks? Get Yourself This DIY Cleaning Wand

Your shower doesn’t have to stay dirty for weeks before getting it clean again. You can get your shower clean in just a minute or two a day with this DIY shower cleaning wand. This easy cleaning hack will keep your shower doors and tiles free from water stains, mildew, and other icky stuff we find in dirty showers. Check out more shower cleaning tips to keep it sparkling.

Just head on to the dollar store and get yourself a handled dish scrubber for this shower hack.

shower hacks - dish scrubber filled with dish soap and water hanging in the bathroom

2. Shower Hacks To Stay Clear Of Clogged Showers

The last thing anyone wants to see or have during their shower time is a clogged shower. Stop this before it ever happens by brushing long hair first before showering to reduce hair on the floor and icky clogged drains.

shower hacks - lady wrapped in towel brushing her hair

3. One Of The Best Shower Hacks For Your Drains

We all know how a pain it is to unclog drains. Nobody wants to be touching and pulling on icky scummy hairs out of the drain, ever! Get rid of that mess before it happens by using these disposable hair traps. They’ll save you some serious cleaning and unclogging time. Oh, and a lot of gagging too…

shower hacks - person's hand lifting disposable shower hair trap

4. Amazing Shower Hack To Help You Relax

After a long day or week, most of us would give anything for a spa day just to help us relax. Unfortunately, not everyone has the luxury of a trip to the spa. Here’s a shower hack that leaves you feeling refreshed, relaxed, and smelling really nice – and for a fraction of what you’d spend in a spa! Tie sprigs of eucalyptus to the showerhead to invigorate your showers. Be careful NOT to buy dyed eucalyptus though!

shower hacks - sprigs of eucalyptus tied to shower head

5. Organize Your Products With Clever Shower Hack

Install a second shower curtain rod in the back of the shower to hang your products. This will prevent mildew from forming around the countless shower products piled in one place, save you the hassle of dropping a product then gripping around in the shower trying to find it, and gives your bathroom a bit of order. After all, what girl only has one type of shampoo or conditioner?

shower hacks - shower curtain rod on which various shower products are hung

6. Life-Changing Vinegar And Baking Soda Shower Hacks

We all love our multi-purpose supplies. They are super handy and cost-effective. If you have vinegar and baking soda in your pantry, it’s time to move things to the bathroom! Your shower will love this useful vinegar and baking soda tricks. The water comes out of your shower head cleaner, the grout becomes brighter, and your door sparkles, all thanks to the help of vinegar and baking soda!

7. No More Frizzy Hair With This Shower Hack

Does your hair suffer from major frizz? It’s probably because of the texture on your terrycloth towel. Instead, start drying it with a cotton t-shirt instead of a terrycloth towel. The towels cause way too much friction which, in turn, results in a frizzy head.

And instead of the rubbing action you usually use to dry your hair, simply scrunch your hair with an old cotton tee. It will absorb excess moisture. And the t-shirt is way gentler on your hair too.

shower hacks - woman who's drying her hair with a cotton t-shirt

8. Brilliant Shower Hack For Product Junkies

Any shower products junkie has a crazy amount of products that line their bathtub, and as much as they wouldn’t admit it aloud, they’re normally a pain. Cut out the frustration and hang an over-the-door shoe organizer to hold your products. You’ll never go back to those tiny shower caddies again. The organizer not only makes sure everything is in plain sight, but it also drains water leaving your products dry.

shower hacks - shower products organized with a mesh shoe organizer that's hung on a shower rod

9. Enjoy Refreshing Showers With This Shower Hack

When you’re stuffy and congested, these homemade vapor rub shower cubes will save the day.

For these you’ll need:

  • vapor rub
  • corn starch
  • water
  • mixing bowl
  • 2 of your preferred food colors
  • mold


  1. Mix the vapor rub, corn starch, and water until a thick paste forms
  2. pack the paste into the mold then leave it to rest until hardened.
  3. Pop the shower cubes and store them in an airtight container until you need to use them.

Ahhh, nothing feels better than breathing easier after a hot, steamy shower!

Tip: When done using your cubes, keep them in a dish near the drain so as to prevent your floor from getting slippery.

shower hacks - shower cubes in a bowl

10. Awesome Shower Hack To Keep The Rust Away

Some of your shower products will come packed in metallic containers and bottles. Because of their prolonged stay in the shower, they might get rusty surfaces. To prevent this, keep rust out of your shower by painting the bottom of your shaving cream with clear nail polish before sitting it down. The nail polish creates a barrier against moisture and keeps rust away by preventing the growth of mildew and mold.

2-photo collage of someone coating the bottom of a metallic spray bottle with nail polish and a bottle of shower cream and razor on tiled surface in the bathroom.

11. Shower Hacks For At-Home Spa Days

For busy parents, getting regular spa days is a huge luxury. Here’s a shower hack on how you can have regular spa days in the comfort of your own home. You can finally get to pamper yourself, smell great, and get silky smooth skin with this quick and easy-to-make homemade sugar scrub.

To make it, you only need 2 tablespoons of oil (unscented), 10 drops of your favorite essential oil, 3 cups of sugar, and a few drops of food coloring. Mix up the ingredients in a bowl and then pack in a jar that has a lid. Your homemade sugar scrub is ready for use.

Safety tip: Make sure you clean your shower floor after you’re done using the sugar scrub, as it can make the shower quite slick.

shower hacks - lavender homemade sugar scrub in glass jar with lid

12. Creative Time-Saving Shower Hack

If you are pressed for time to iron clothes or you have those clothes that are better steamed than ironed, then you’ll love this shower hack: hang wrinkled clothes in the bathroom while you shower. The steam will help release some of the wrinkles, making your clothes look neater. Cool time saver!

shower hacks - clothes hang in shower cubicle to steam while you take a shower

13. Boring Showers? Not Any More With Genius Shower Hack

Want to watch Netflix in the shower? Come on, we know you’ve thought about it. And honestly, showers are boring without some form of entertainment. You no longer have to suffer boring showers. Just put your phone or tablet in a Ziploc bag and hang it up.

shower hacks - iPad in Ziplock bag on hanger in the shower

14. Shower Hack For Safer Comfortable Showers

Make bath time comfortable and safer for everyone by placing a pool noodle over the shower door track. As someone with short legs, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve scuffed myself getting in and out of the shower, so this tip is definitely a good one!

shower hacks - person covering shower door tracks with a pool noodle

15. Bathtime Fun With Smart Shower Hack

Showers are amazing but they don’t always cut it. Sometimes all you want is to take a long soak and relax in a warm bath with a bottle of your favorite drink, a good book (and maybe even some chocolates) on a DIY bathtub tray and some  background music. Who said we can’t have fun during bathtimes? Take it even a notch higher and make it luxurious by watching a movie while enjoying that bubble bath.

shower hacks - bath with DIY bathtub tray

16. Easy Shower Hack For Clean Mold-Free Shower

Does your shower curtain liner always get mildew at the bottom? Instead of replacing it every other month, check on it’s length. It may be too long and trimming it will go a long way in keeping it dry and free from mildew. Trim your shower curtain liners so that they hang near the bottom without actually pooling in the bottom of the tub.

6-photo collage of 15 INSANELY SIMPLE SHOWER HACKS - DIY shower cubes, covering shower door tracks with pool noodles, mesh shoe organizer to hold shower products, extra shower curtain rod to hung shower products, hair trap to cover shower drain, and DIY shower cleaning wand.

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