If you’re looking for some delicious vegetarian recipes, you won’t want to miss out on these amazing options! Treat your taste buds today!

Add some different spices to your meal to create a whole new dish and add variety and flavor to your meals. I have 6 vegetarian recipes you might want to try out soon. Whip up these breakfast burritos to help give you a boost of energy to tackle your day, a few soup options to warm you up, and more.

You might find you have some of the ingredients on hand, or maybe you are on the hunt for new flavors and spices. Regardless I have the cure, these recipes are all packed full of flavor and you will want to save them to make over and over again.

If you're looking for some delicious vegetarian recipes, you won't want to miss out on these amazing options! Treat your taste buds today! #onecrazyhouse #vegetarianrecipes #vegetables #garden

Must Try Vegetarian Recipes to Spice Up Dinner

If you are tired of eating the same bland breakfast, whip up these black bean breakfast burritos in no time. The beauty of these is you can make them ahead of time. You then have a quick breakfast option for busy mornings. Just reheat and head out the door.

Nothing beats a good tomato soup. If you have only had the canned soup, you are totally missing out. Try this 20-minute tomato bisque soup that will blow your mind with rich creamy tomato flavors.

This spicy butternut squash soup is easy to whip up and dinner can be ready in 30 minutes. Serve with a crisp salad or some dinner rolls to dip and dinner is ready. This is anything but bland.

Need some pasta in your life? Try this Vegetarian Ratatoullie, a hearty comfort food. It has eggplant, tomatoes, peppers, onions and more, for an amazing combination of flavor.

Corn salsa is always a huge winner in the dip department. This is great to snack on during the day, top your favorite vegetarian taco, or serve up to guests for a game day treat.

Creamy Broccoli Apple Salad gives you that crunch and a mix of sweetness to curb cravings. Perfect to pack for lunches or eat for a weeknight dinner. When you know you won’t have much time to cook, just make this the night before.

So many people tend to overlook vegetarian dishes and not want to give them a try, but in all honesty, they have some of the best flavors! Buying fruits and veggies in season adds such an amazing kick and taste that you just can’t beat.

During the summer months, I love creating a giant salad and topping it with fresh food from my garden. There’s nothing like eating tomatoes straight from the garden that are nice and warm from the sun….just typing that out is actually making my mouth water!

And trust me on this one…you can totally reset your taste buy eating healthy and clean vegetarian recipes for a while. I’ve done it with success numerous times and I highly recommend trying it once or twice a year!

What is your favorite go-to vegetarian recipes?


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