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It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and I’m excited to share another year of My Favorite Things Giveaway! I’ve joined with 30 creative bloggers total, also sharing their favorite things, and each of us is having a giveaway. That means 30 winners in total! Not only is it a fun prospect to WIN, but they make great gift-giving ideas as well. Santa is grinning!

Here are the goodies I’m giving away, make sure you scroll down to the very bottom of this post to enter MY giveaway.

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Below are the 30 gifts from 30 friends. I just love to see new things, or be reminded about something I had forgotten. Each of them can make great gifts for your loved ones. To see each gift up closer, and to enter to win, you must HOP to each site to fill out the entry forms. It’s possible you could win more than ONE!

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Favorite Things Gift Giving Guide and Giveaway

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>>>>>>Enter to win MY Elf on the Shelf Accessories Gift RIGHT HERE!

Ok, so a few more details about MY giveaway gift:

$50 WORTH of Elf on the shelf accessories!!!

To enter, leave a comment on this Facebook thread of your favorite Christmas Traditions. My kids will pick their favorite (the boys are five, it’s close to random – but hint, they love photos!)… and we will message you, if you win, with details of for your Amazon Gift Card! Must live in the USA.

Everyone LOVES these tiny toys that only require little time for toy-building and shelf tradition set-up… even creating a personalized prop kit for those cute elves with blue eyes!

Does your family have an elf on the shelf? There are so many freaking cool things that you can get for the elves now that we had to share a few with you! Here are a few elf on the shelf accessories that we love.

From the digital download of reminders or notes to every inspo that you see on social media, you can get them all in this list.

AND… we are giving away a $50 gift certificate to outfit YOUR elf!!


Elf on the Shelf Accessories | www.theonecrazyhouse.com

Where to Buy Elf on the Shelf Accessories

1. Elf on the Shelf

Forget about the north pole-style twister game. If you don’t have an elf or if the elf idea is new to you then you have been missing out! These mini props with tiny tool belt are a trend antics  as Christmas Day approaches. There are so many fun and cute elf ideas out there. The kids love finding the elf each day. This book of inspiration just rocks!

Elf on the Shelf Accessories | www.theonecrazyhouse.com

2. Raincoat

Looking for scout elf clothing to complete your kid’s Christmas list? How adorable is this raincoat and boots? Your kids and their elf will definitely get a kick out of this set dressings outfit! You don’t need stencil transforms or a fairy door or mermaid’s tale for this one. This might be the perfect teaching time about rain for the house keeping kids. Goodbye mischief!

Elf on the Shelf Accessories | www.theonecrazyhouse.com

3. Sweet Tees

What’s your behavior report this year? Your tiny North Pole correspondence are done with fluffy robe fit clothings. You wouldn’t wear the same shirt day after day right? Your elf doesn’t want to wear the same outfit each day either! You need to get him/her a collection of different shirts! Get the name of your scouting elf printed on their shirts. Take some colorful photos and you’ll complete your tradition for the last decade. Now that’s an instagram-worthy holiday tradition!

Elf on the Shelf Accessories | www.theonecrazyhouse.com

4. Elf on the Shelf Sleeping Bag

Do you sew? Why not create your own elf on the shelf sleeping bag from Sew What Alicia. Isn’t this freaking adorable? This flannel-lined plaid sleeping bag with the details of the scouting elves are a comfy setup for a lovely Christmas morning. Don’t mind the good behavior or bad behavior right now. These elves look like they’re checked in to a 5-star hotel, don’t you think?

Elf on the Shelf Accessories | www.theonecrazyhouse.com

5. Notes from your Elf

Looking for some easy scenes but still perfect snaps of your little visitor? These postcard-sized cards and notes are such a great way to let the elf communicate with your kids! Put it inside a felt envelope and the kids will begin looking for some magical trails towards the magical mailbox with their set of letters. A personalized arrival note or a delivery letter will definitely make their day. The kids will get a kick out of reading a note from the elf every once in a while! This is one of the stress-free ways to make memories for those nice days: a set of pre-written notes! You can even prep the note of the day for a whole month!

Elf on the Shelf Accessories | www.theonecrazyhouse.com

6. Game Day Jersey

Sports fans? Fill your home with laughter and joy with this cute elf props accessory for your family elf. This jersey is adorable and perfect for the sports lover in your family. Prop up some sorts of backdrops to make the scene more convincing! It’s so lovely to look back at those precious time with a set of popcorn and an elf in a jersey costume. I swear, you won’t lose a button in this costume.

Elf on the Shelf Accessories | www.theonecrazyhouse.com

7. Hide & Seek Game

Skip the deluxe prop kit. How about some old-fashioned game night filled with fun surprises? If your kids love their elf, they will love this hide and seek game! A little behavior modification can be done in a simple fun game! Hide those naughty elves or that couch potato elf anywhere you want (be it in the kitchen sink or the bathtub) and let the great times begin! Harness one of the greatest talents of life: finding what’s hidden! This would be a fun activity for the family during the holidays.

Elf on the Shelf Accessories | www.theonecrazyhouse.com

8. Chef Apron Set

Get the flour and tray out! Let Santa’s little spy make some Christmas confections. Your little elf might just love her own in-home barista and bakeshop. They might enjoy the cookie cutters and those cute cookie-making set! Let the elf make cookies for the family without making a mess in this apron and chefs hat. This holiday-themed elf will surely enjoy sprinkling colorful holiday sprinkles over your newly baked cookies.

Elf on the Shelf Accessories | www.theonecrazyhouse.com

9. Dazzling Dress

Holiday party is waving! Have a girl elf? There are some seriously fun girl elf accessories too! This pretty couture set dress is like one of the best deluxe kits in the market, and it’s perfect for an elf dance or figure skater! She might want to invite Barbie for a good pool party too. That tinsel twist and shimmering flapper dress are so flashing! You might have a roller suitcase to pair this out fit with to complete the look!

Elf on the Shelf Accessories | www.theonecrazyhouse.com

10. Reindeer Skirt

Skip the simple set of behavior cards or the 60-page book about elves. I mean come on! I wanted a skirt like this as a girl because of Grease. Anyone else? This elfin magic will be a one popular north of the arctic circle for sure. She might just want a good morning coffee in a cold holiday morning. Any recommendations?

Elf on the Shelf Accessories | www.theonecrazyhouse.com

11. Aviator Jacket

I can’t even handle this aviator jacket and goggles! This is one of those great innovative ideas perfect for those elves behavin good. The kids are going to flip out when their elf turns into a pilot! What a perfect travel set for your fun floaties elf. Oh, to more days of fun!

Elf on the Shelf Accessories | www.theonecrazyhouse.com

12. Elf Upgrade Kit

Here’s a nice list of accessories if your elf wardrobe needs immediate updating. This kit is awesome for anyone who is super creative with their elf. It lets you add some wire to the elf so they are super posable and velcro so you can help your elf hold onto different items. Your elf pets can now freely avoid the dinosaur with their new outfits!

Elf on the Shelf Accessories | www.theonecrazyhouse.com

13. Inflatable Elf

Let’s skip the usual candy cane-themed pajamas, fuzzy slippers and comfy sweatshirt costume. How cute is this inflatable guy? He will make the perfect lawn accessory. He might not be the authentic-looking setups you usually have, but I promise you, this is not a moonlighting elf. He’s loyal!

Elf on the Shelf Accessories | www.theonecrazyhouse.com

14. Holiday Gift Bundle

Don’t you love this sweet reindeer? And can we talk about how cute the sweater and scarf is? You can create some elf-sized footprint stencils on your lawn to make it more realistic. It would look like the elf is moving without the watch of children. They’re gonna think it’s magic!

Elf on the Shelf Accessories | www.theonecrazyhouse.com

12 Clever Ideas - Where to buy elf on the shelf accessories

Which elf on the shelf accessories are you picking for your family’s elf this year?

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