Planning a camping trip? These camping trip food items are a must!

It’s total truth that food items cooked over the open fire during camping just taste better. It’s something about the smoke, the nature, the crackling of the wood as you those marshmallows are roasting…it creates quite the appetite! Part of the fun of camping is packing up all the awesome camping trip food items that you plan on eating during your few days of sleeping in the great outdoors. Who knew that being one with nature could create such a hunger from within? Rather than prowl the land looking for food that is safe to eat, just take the easy way out and pack your own yummy items that you want to chow down on!

These camping trip food items are a must for your next camping adventure! All you need to do is pack them and you're ready to go! #campingtripfooditems #camping #campfire #onecrazyhouse

Camping Trip Food Items that are a MUST to Pack

1. Hot Dogs

Hot dogs over the campfire are a camping delicacy. Nothing screams camping louder than chomping down on some smoky hotdogs that are grilled to your liking.

2. Marshmallows

Seriously. Camping isn’t camping with marshmallows. The best part? You create their cooked outcome. Whether you like them just slightly warmed, or burnt to a crisp, marshmallows must be a staple food item for each and every camping trip.

3. Food Plan

The worst thing is forgetting something.  Promise.  Been there.  Done that. One trip we brought too much to eat and it went bad while we toted it around and another time we brought too little. Never again!  The $7 spent on the Camping planner is well worth it!!  Your sanity is worth it!!

4. Potatoes

Talk about a versatile camping trip food item that you truly need to make certain you pack. How do fresh hashbrowns over the fire sound for breakfast? Seriously mouth-watering. Did someone call for a baked potato on their camping trip? Don’t leave home without those spuds.

5. Anything S’mores

Marshmallows are already a given that should be included on each and every trip and all that is left is the easy part of grabbing the graham crackers and the chocolate. With those three items, you are good to go! No one and I mean NO ONE, can deny the goodness of s’mores. Seriously. Check out these insane Birthday Cake S’mores…mind blown.

6. Donuts

Who said that camping food has to healthy all the time? Donuts after a pleasant wake-up from the chirping birds is one of the best camping foods, ever.

7. Peanut Butter

Planning a hike on your camping trip and needing something quick and easy for your picnic lunch? Peanut butter is king when it comes to the easiest camping food item out there! Why not pack the amazing food item that needs no fridge and can be placed in your backpack, ready for when you are?

8. Coffee

Is coffee food? Yes, yes it is. Camping without coffee is like hiking without your shoes. Who does that?

9. Bread

Anything bread is the perfect camping food to bring. Get creative with the uses of bread! Cook it over the open campfire for an amazing grilled cheese! You can’t go wrong with bread.

10. Popcorn

Late night popcorn snacks are the best. That popping over the fire is sure to excite your camping party, and scare off any critters, too! Don’t forget the melted butter!

11. Beef Jerky

Nothing says nature like dried protein, right? This salty snack is sure to fill your gut with that much-needed protein.

12. Chips

Because there’s nothing worse than having a salt craving at 2 AM in the middle of a campground with no options to buy it.

13. Cereal

If you are camping without electricity, cereal is a must.

Camping Fun

Camping is an awesome time to eat some delicious food. Have fun with your food options because camping food is like no other food out there! When camping, the normal rules of eating don’t seem to apply and the four food groups can wait until Monday rolls around.

Camping means that you need food that gives you high protein, energy, and substance to guide you during your days of “roughing it” in the woods. Be prepared by choosing food items that you love as well! After a long day in the woods, enjoy every single bite!

What camping trip food items do you love to take camping?

These camping trip food items are a must for your next camping adventure! All you need to do is pack them and you're ready to go! #campingtripfooditems #camping #campfire #onecrazyhouse

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