While kids can be overwhelmed with joy and excitement when they first hear the news of a camping trip planned, there are times when the entire experience can become boring for kids. It is no doubt that any trip, be it a camping or hiking trip, is always filled with family bonding experiences and a lot of fun and new things to experience and try. That’s why camping games for kids are invented!

But kids tend to adapt easily, and the ‘are we there yet?’ is eventually changed to ‘when are we going home?’ What is the solution, then? How to keep kids engaged while you are on a camping trip? The solution is simple.

Pull out some camping games to have a blast! In this article, we have come up with a lot of addictively fun camping games for your kids and the whole family that they are sure to love for inspiration.

addictively fun camping games for the family - collage of kerosene lamp hoop ring game tic tac toe made of log and branches and acorn arrow pointing to colored circles

It doesn’t matter if you have planned to take your kids camping for a week or a month. With these family camping games, your kids will forget all about the boredom and will be thanking you at the end of the trip for such a memorable experience.

An outdoor adventure like camping is a very fun way to break the monotony of your routine and spend time with your family. But you have to make sure that you provide some entertainment for your kids. Otherwise, they will only get bored, and you know what happens when kids are bored. They start throwing tantrums and start fighting, which means your camping trip becomes a fighting arena with you being the referee. Nobody wants that. Right?

That is exactly why we are here today. We have come up with a whole list of addictively fun camping games that will not only keep your kids occupied but will also make sure that everyone, older kids and younger kids, has a blast while spending time in the great outdoors.

16 Addictive Fun Camping Games For Kids (& the Family)

So, let’s get started with our fun list of camping games for kids that will keep them happy and busy while you can enjoy your leisure time and make most of the beautiful scenery and nature. Make sure to include them in your next camping trip!

1. DIY Cornhole game

Cornhole game is an excellent way to keep your kids busy as it creates an environment of competition, and who doesn’t like to win? Probably no one. While most of the cornhole boards are made up of panels of wood and plywood and are very big and heavy to carry around for a camping trip, you need not worry as we have come up with a lighter and easier to carry version. Yes, DIY your version of cornhole. It works equally fine and is much easier to lug around whenever you need to. Outdoor games are so fun!

Not only is this game great for kids, but it will also keep parents entertained for hours during the camping trip as well. My way of playing the game is by making two teams; the wonder woman mommy team and the superman daddy team. Both the mommy and daddy can choose their team and start throwing corn bags in the cornhole. So, all hands on deck and wave your team’s flag!

bean bag in hole game with red and yellow bean bags

2. Family Camping Activity & Game Guide

Never just look at each other and wonder what to do!!  The Ultimate Camping Bundle includes not only ALL the checklists you could need to make sure you don’t forget the important necessities, but also a GIANT pack of memory-making activities for your kids to enjoy while you are camping… and the best thing is it’s on sale for a limited time for only $7!! Be sure to grab it now for your family camping trips!

Printable Happier Camper Camping Bundle featuring Camping Planner, Kids activity pack, and Ultimate camping companion eBook.

3. Flashlight camping games

More camping activity ideas are coming in. Flashlight game is yet another game that you can play in the evening or at night because the flashlights come out when the sun goes down! Since there has always been some chemistry between kids and flashlights, flashlight tag is one of the most popular camping games that keep kids occupied for hours. Not only will it make your kids enjoy the game, but it will also spread some laughter in the air for hours. Such a fun camping activity!

fabulous flashlight games for kids - yellow and red flashlight

5. Giant Jenga

This game is only suitable for you and your kids when you have some extra room left in your backpack as the giant Jenga game is a little inconvenient to pack up. But if you decide to take it with you on your camping trip, I assure you that you and your kids alike are going to have a blast playing the Giant Jenga game. It is an excellent time-killer and equally fun and addictive. I remember on my camping trip, my kids and I spend 4 hours straight playing this game, and we had so much fun playing this great activity!

stack em game jenga

5. Fantastic Camping Games: Yard Yahtzee

Are you on for some lawn games? Yet another campsite game that can keep your kids busy for hours. All you need to do is to use wooden blocks to create giant Yahtzee dice. The dice are extremely easy to make, and they assure your kids hours of fun. They are literally known for killing kid’s boredom. If you want to have some kid-free time with your partner, Yahtzee makes a perfect addictively fun camping game that kids can play and enjoy without parents having to play too.

$5 diy yard yahtzee easy craft for kids - multicolored dice

6. Outdoor twister

For this game, all you are going to pack with you on the camping trip is a circle stencil and a can of spray paint. You can pull this game out anywhere and anytime by painting circles on the grass. The outdoor twister not only transfer wells to the campsites, but it also helps your kids to have a terrific camping fun experience. Play it all you want, even until night-time.

Bonus: Don’t forget that the magnetic spinner board is equally fun but snazzy!

arrow pointing to numerous colored circles

7. Perfect Camping Game Ideas – DIY Ring toss game

This game is a sure way of having a lot of fun and creating a lot of great memories. The classic DIY dark ring toss game can be made from scratch and are super fun and easy to make. You are just going to need some dowels, a wooden round, and some rope rings that are wrapped in duct tape for making them stiff. This game always makes sure that my kids and I have a lot of frugal fun and is convenient and safe for a camping trip.

ring and hoop game

8. Frisbee Golf – Camping Games That Keep Kids Busy For Hours

Frisbee Golf is a very fun and easy game to set up. But you are going to need some laundry baskets for this one as they are going to be holes. In this game, you move from one to the next, trying your best to throw the frisbee inside the laundry basket as they are the goals.

If you are wondering what good can come from taking laundry baskets on a camping trip, let me assure you that the baskets can easily stack inside each other and can also hold a lot of your kid’s supplies such as foodstuff and toys. So don’t worry about taking some baskets along with your other camping gear. Let’s get ready for some camping Olympics!

2 glow in the dark frisbees with a basket

9. Water balloon toss

Wondering how to cool down your kids on a hot summer day? Here’s a twist to your regular water balloon fight. Simply pack some water balloons for a water balloon toss. Everyone picks a partner and lines up across from them.  Start close and work your way backwards with each toss of the water balloon!  And who knows, you might even make some unforgettable memories that you will cherish forever!

a group of kids playing pass the water balloon

10. Favorite Camping Games: Outdoor scavenger hunt

The thing that I love the most about outdoor nature scavenger hunt is that it provides the kid an opportunity to explore the nature and the environment. For additional fun, provide little bags for collecting items for your kids to make the game a lot easier.  This is like a little game of hide and go seek!

kerosene lamp with outdoor adventure hunt to do list

11. Camping Tic-Tac-Toe

Tic-Tac-Toe is such a perfect game to convert all your kid’s energy into using his tiny little brain and is such a fun game that keeps kids occupied for hours. Use giant rocks, sticks, and pine cones to play a game of Camping Tic Tac Toe.  This traditional game gets a camping makeover when you are using found objects in nature.

tic tac toe game made of log branches and acorn

12. Camping Games Even For The Younger Ones – Large Bowl Bean Bag Toss

This game reminds me of the Bozo the Clown show. It’s so much fun and keeps kids all glued to the game. You just have to set up big bowls or pails for a bean bag toss, and you are good to go!  You likely have everything you need already around the house to take with you on the big camping trip.  No need to go get more supplies!

5 multi colored pails with numbers attached for points

13. Squirt Gun Water Races

For this game, you just have to string some red Solo cups. The first one to race the cup across the line with a water gun will be the winner. Believe me or not, but squirt gun races are a hoot!  I keep thinking about how fun this would be.  It is like you took your own DIY carnival with you to the campground!

watergun shooting at red paper plates tied to a string

14. Marshmallow launcher

For this game, again divide into teams. Blast each other with a marshmallow war! Use plastic cups and balloons to create fun marshmallow launchers. Enjoy your hearts out!  And by the way, when you get pelted with a marshmallow, it doesn’t leave a sting or mark!  Good, safe fun.

marshmallow with styrofoam cup and balloon

15. Glow in the dark bowling – Fun Games For Camping

Glow in the dark bowling will make you popular and cool among your kids. All you need to do is to add some glow sticks to bottles of water. Next, set the bottles like bowling pins, and use a ball to knock them down.  This is going to be so cool to create a bowling alley next to your campfire!

glow in the dark bowling - clear bottle with neorn light sticks

There you go! If you’re hitting the road for some camping fun, don’t forget to take some of these camping games for kids with you to keep the kiddos occupied and having a blast.

“Camping: The art of getting closer to nature while getting farther away from the nearest cold beverage, hot shower, and flush toilet.”


16. Camping bingo

The thing that I love the most about this game is that it can be played anywhere and at any time. If you have taken your kids camping for a week straight, trust me, this game is going to save your life. You can tackle the boredom situation of your kids by downloading this addictively fun camping game and then printing the Camping bingo game. You can easily pack it into your camping supplies so that you always have this option for putting an end to your kids’ boredom. My kids absolutely love camping bingo and especially ask me to pack it up for the camping trip.

camping bingo game with cute images and red color paper to cover image
16 camping games for kids the whole family will love - collaeg of balloon passing activitiy red keronsene lamp with to do list beanbag game lo tic tac toe and hoop and ring game

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Which fun camping games for kids are you trying out?

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