These hacks for tent camping are something that all campers, whether new or old, need to know!

Camping outdoors can be an experience of a lifetime that you will not forget. While most prefer to camp in a camper or RV, I prefer to pitch a tent. There are millions of people all around the world that prefer a good ol’ tent. Tent camping is the truest form of camping out there. I have some awesome tent camping hacks below that you will want to know about this summer. Sit back and let the sun shine down and enjoy the good ol’ outdoor campsite with a tent and some camping gear.

If you find that you are intrigued and want to give tent camping a try, here are tent camping hacks you'll be thankful to know! #tentcampinghacks #camping #tent #onecrazyhouse

In the elements, no air, no power, nothing…And while tent camping isn’t exactly hard, it isn’t for everyone either. Nothing beats a good camping hack, and I have plenty listed below. Head over and see the camping trip food items you will want to pack with you!

Hacks For Tent Camping You’ll Be Thankful to Know

1. Don’t Forget the Stakes For Your Tent

Trust in the fact that you’ll need something to hold that tent down if you happen to camp during a storm. And if you do forget the stakes to hold your tent in place, find something/anything to hold down the straps on the four corners of your tent. A great hack is to walk around and find heavy logs or rocks and have them on the corners as they could be a good alternative when that wind starts to blow.

2. Always, Always, Always Bring A Tarp When Camping

Not only does a tarp work well under the tent to keep you and your body off the elements of the ground, but it’s also a good idea to put over the top of your tent if it starts raining as well just in case you may have holes or something else going on that you are unaware of. If you happen to have multiple tarps, having one right in front of your tent door is great too to have shoes and other items on as well to now be tracking grass and dirt into your tent each and every time that you go in and out.

3. Making Your Next Tent Camping Trip a Breeze!

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4. Save Those Egg Cartons For Your Camping Trip

Who knew that there were so many uses for egg cardboard when camping? It’s a great way to pack eggs of course…but they also rock for holding paint for your kids and their craft projects or can work as good diy fire starters (aside from a dryer lint) as well (if they are made from paper, not the styro foam or plastic kind). They’re also a fun way to store “finds” if your little ones like to treasure hunt when camping. Pretty rocks, pennies…anything little will fit nice and neat and perfectly in one of the egg carton holders. Got no egg cartons but do you have Doritos packed as your snack? Try using a few pieces of it as it make great kindling too!

Even More Camping Trip Hacks To Consider

5. Freeze Your Water Before Leaving For Camping

Fill up a few gallon jug of water or bottles and freeze them a few days prior to your camping trip. The day of, take the water jug out and with you on your camping journey. They will start to slowly thaw which will help to give you nice, cold water for a longer time than any other option! It’s a great way to get some great sips of cold, refreshing water.

6. Don’t Rely On Your Boy Scout or Girl Scout Skills When Camping

Be prepared. Pack multiple lights (like headlamp), fire starters, first aid kit, band-aids,  and any other items that you think you may need for more than single uses. While you may have trained for many scenarios and feel prepared, something out of the ordinary could absolutely happen and you need to be prepared for those types of changes.

Don’t Leave Home Without These Next 2 Items

7. Pack Plenty of Tinfoil On Your Next Camping Trip

If you plan on cooking any type of food over the fire, tinfoil will be your best friend. Not only does it do a great job of keeping the food from getting burnt when grilling, but it’s also light and easy to pack as well. Plan ahead and pack a lot because you can cook vegetables, meat, and most other items right inside the tinfoil with ease. Don’t forget to also bring some of your cooking essentials like salt and pepper, vegetable peeler and charcoal.

8. Never Go Camping Without Packing Those Wet Wipes

Wet wipes are one of the amazing inventions that work well in most situations. When camping, wet wipes can clean up anything, wipe down anything, be used to give a quick bath of your own body to make you feel cooler, or also as a great alternative to use rather than toilet paper. Plus, if it’s super hot, they can be used to wipe that sweat away quickly and easily without leaving any type of residue.

9. Don’t Forget the Portable Toilet As You Go Camping

Did you know that sometimes, you may run into a campground or area that doesn’t even have a bathroom? When that happens, you need to be prepared! You can easily use a gallon bucket system or head to the store and find a portable travel toilet that you can take with you on your trip.

10. Always Bring Extra Bug Spray In Every Camping Trip

If you think that one bottle is enough, think again. These bugs and mosquitoes love to go camping too and are certain to join in on the fun! If you have room to bring several different types of bug spray and tick repellent, do so! This is one item that you really don’t want to skimp on! At night, burn a sage on your campfires near your sleeping pad to keep these bugs and mosquitoes away!

When it comes to tent camping, be prepared! Choose wisely what you want to pack, and then pack a bit extra for these “worst-case” scenarios. Follow a few of these tent camping hacks above and you’ll find that you may be the type of person who absolutely loves tent camp! The great thing about tent camping? It’s quick, it’s easy and it’s also super affordable!

Tent Camping Hacks You'll Be Thankful to Know!

Do you enjoy camping in a tent or an RV?

Do you have any tent camping hacks to share?

If you find that you are intrigued and want to give tent camping a try, here are tent camping hacks you'll be thankful to know! #tentcampinghacks #camping #tent #onecrazyhouse

Which camping hack you will try on your next trip?

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