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Part of the fun of being pregnant (aside from the super exciting morning sickness, bloating and weird food cravings) is telling everyone your good news. But how do you do it? Sure, you could just post a status update to announce pregnancy or make a few phone calls, but we think you can do better than that. In fact, here are 15 cute and creative ways to announce pregnancy that we think will spark your creativity whether you’re expecting your first or your fourth.
Fun Ways to Announce a Pregnancy

Funny Ways to Announce Pregnancy

1. Announce Pregnancy with a Song

Ice, Ice, Baby! Say it with a song. You know it’s stuck in your head now.

2. Spread the News with this Baby Announcement

This is the cutest bun in the oven announcement we’ve seen!

3. Baby Eviction Notice?

Send a crib eviction notice to your child who’s still in the crib.

4. Hand a Jar of Prego

A jar of Prego sauce makes a great photo prop when it’s time to announce pregnancy. It’s a popular choice, but fun every time.

5. Snap the Expected Father’s Reaction

Capture the dad-to-be’s reaction. Or stage it, like this funny photo where the dad “fainted” when he saw the pregnancy test.

6. Announce with Teeny Tiny Baby Shoes

Say it with your shoes. Always a classic.

7. See this Pregnancy Announcement

Panicking? So were these parents-to-be, but it made their time to announce pregnancy super fun! (We love their attention to detail… cat in a diaper, y’all.)

8. Caution! Bump!

Announce that there’s a bump ahead.

Fun Ways to Tell People that You're Expecting

How to Tell People You’re Expecting

9. Third Baby is a Charm

Expecting your third? This tie-breaker picture idea is a fun way to spread the news!

10. Expanding the Home by 2 Feet Announcment

An ”expanding by two feet” announcement works for any family, no matter the size! Fun way to include the pets, too.

11. Spread the Pregnancy News

Here’s another fun way to announce pregnancy for families with multiple kids: last one… probably.

12. Spill the Beans on the New Pregnancy

Time to spill the beans about the pregnancy. Cute!

13. Pop!

Let you’re family know you’re expected to pop with fun balloon announcements.

14. Hilarious Baby Announcement

If you and your partner love Coke products, watch this video for a hilarious announcement.

15. Cute Trade Agreement for Pregnancy

Things change when you’re expecting… You may have to get rid of a few things like the parents in this “For sale or trade for crib” photo. But seriously, keep the wine. You’ll need it after the baby’s here.

16. Fun Pregnancy Documentary

Which announcement is your favorite? Looking for “part two” – Announce the upcoming birth with maternity photos. Here are a lot of different ideas to make documenting your pregnancy FUN! And wherever you are in your pregnancy, you will appreciate this list of “pregnancy necessities”.