More than 15 dog treats you can make yourself!

Who doesn’t love a good, home-cooked meal? If you’re all about gettin’ busy in the kitchen, then why not offer your furbaby some delicious homemade dog treats? Today, we’ve gathered up more than 15 recipes that you can make yourself!

15+ Homemade Dog Treats to Spoil Your Furbaby

This oh-so-easy sweet potato treat can be made in a snap! All you need are the sweet potatoes and a microwave.

More than 15 dog treats you can make yourself!

Did you say oats and peanut butter? This homemade dog treat is one that your pooch won’t be able to resist!

If you have some over-ripe bananas, think of making Fido this cookie recipe.

During the month of February, make sure all of your family members receive a Valentine treat! Why not try this one out for your four-legged bestie?

Go super, duper healthy with these Hemp Seed Dog Biscuits.

Ensure last night’s dinner doesn’t go to waste. This recipe uses leftover chicken as its main ingredient.

More than 15 dog treats you can make yourself!

If your pup’s favorite is peanut butter, then look no further – this Peanut Butter Dog Biscuit will be a hit in your household!

Lately, donuts have been all the rage. Make your doggy’s afternoon snack Insta-worthy with these Peanut Butter Dog Treats (complete with carob icing!)

These Homemade PB Pumpkin Dog Treats have a healthy combination of pumpkin, shredded carrots and oats. Doggy-delicious!

More than 15 dog treats you can make yourself!

These homemade dog treats only require 4 ingredients and make about 4 dozen treats. Yumminess for days!

More than 15 dog treats you can make yourself!

We love this recipe for its texture. It’s the perfect batter for cookie cutters. You can offer your pup all sorts of fun shapes to his next snack!

Here’s another one that features peanut butter as the star of the show. You’ll see lots of wagging tails after making a batch of these!

A cool, refreshing snack for the entire family to enjoy. Yes!

Rawhide sticks and a cream cheese frosting?! Say it ain’t so! These Dog Pops are so cute and so delicious!

Take a look at this video to make your next DIY doggy snack. So easy and so much fun!

More than 15 dog treats you can make yourself!

Bacon all day, everyday. You gotta try these Homemade Peanut Butter Bacon Dog Treats now!

We love that these treats use up your leftover meat. Chicken, beef, lamb… the works!

What recipes caught your eye? Have you ever made your own doggy treats?


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