Paper towel holders are handy around the house, and for more than just holding your paper towels. They serve as great jewelry racks, donut stands, hat stands and more. So if you have a spare paper towel holder in your home (or spot one at a yard sale), here are some tips for putting it to use outside the kitchen!

15 Nifty Uses for a Paper Towel Holder

15 Nifty Paper Towel Holder Uses

Create a file system using a paper towel holder and binder rings. This is a fun way to display photographs or to store stickers for scrapbooking.

Paper Towel Holder & Binder Rings Keepsake Organizer - 15 Nifty Paper Towel Holder Uses
DIY File System Using a Paper Towel Holder and Binder Rings from Club Creating Keepsakes

Use one to hold your yarn while you knit or crochet, like having an extra hand!

paper towel holder uses 6
Use a Paper Towel Holder as a Yarn Organizer from Taller De Ana Maria

Use a wall-mounted paper towel holder to hang your bracelets and necklaces. Finally, no more tangled jewelry!

paper towel holder uses 2

via BHG

Use one to store ribbon in your craft room.

paper towel holder uses 3

via The Cottage Mama

Make a hat stand. After all, no one likes wearing a crumpled hat!

paper towel holder uses 9

via Turquoise Imagination

Or use one as a washi tape organizer. It makes it so much easier to see all of your tape designs at a glance!

paper towel holder uses 4

via Gluesticks

Hang ties from a paper towel holder installed on the wall to prevent crumpling and wrinkles.

paper towel holder uses 10

via Lowes

Install one under the sink to hold rolls of trash bags. This is so much easier to deal with than bulky boxes!

paper towel holder uses 7

via Princess Pinky GIrl

Stack donuts on one for your next brunch. Because it’s much prettier than a box!

paper towel holder uses 11

via Frog Prince Paperie

Add a few to your closet to organize belts. I bet this concept would work great with watches, too.

paper towel holder uses 5

via Netrobe

Hang scarves neatly in your closet. I like this much better than the shower curtain ring method!

paper towel holder uses 12

via Martha Stewart

Get Organized in Every Room!

Put one in the nursery to wrangle the dozens of bibs every mom tends to accrue.

paper towel holder uses 8

via Pinterest

Organize your cookie cutters. This is really handy when it’s time for holiday baking. Cookies, anyone?

paper towel holder uses 13

via BHG

This is actually a towel bar, but you could easily use a paper towel holder to add hanging space to a small laundry room.

paper towel holder uses 14

via Family Handyman

Slide some galvanized buckets onto a paper towel holder to store your pens, highlighters, craft supplies, etc. Great idea for your kids’ homework station!

paper towel holder uses 15

via See Vanessa Craft

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uses for paper towel holders

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