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Looking for genius ways to use a bar of soap? We bet you haven’t thought of some of these!

You use soap in the shower, and you may even have some on your bathroom sink. For thousands of years, soap has kept us clean. We even love making our own soap! But those nifty bars have lots of other uses, too. Check out these  for 15 unusual ways to use soap around your home (in addition to your body).

clever DIY soap tips

Ways to use Soap

Unstick a stuck zipper by rubbing bar soap along the length of the zipper.

Fill nail holes in your wall without breaking out the drywall tools. Great way to get your walls in shape if you’re moving soon!

If you like to sew, a bar of soap wrapped in fabric makes a great pincushion. It gives off a subtle scent, too!

Think you have an air leak in one of your tires? Soap it up! Bubbles will form rapidly at the leak.

ways to use a bar of soap

Ways to Use a Bar of Soap

For a squeaky door that’s driving you nuts, rub a bar of soap on the hinges. It’s only a temporary fix, but it will do until you can replace the hardware.

Never deal with a foggy mirror after a shower again. Lightly rub bar soap on it, clean it off and enjoy.

Deter mice with Irish Spring. These guys actually say their results are inconclusive, but lots of people on the interwebz swear by it.

Have great-smelling clothes every morning when you add soap to your drawers and storage containers. Although the picture shows an unwrapped bar, we recommend wrapping it in fabric or another breathable material to keep it from staining your clothes.


Tricks using Soap

For sticky drawers, rub soap along the edges to help them glide in and out. Works great on antique dressers!

Make a soap jelly to use as a pretreater for laundry stains.

Lubricate screws with a bar of soap to make your DIY projects a little easier.

Video: Portion Control A Soap Dispenser

Got kids who love to pump out a ton of soap from the dispenser? Yeah, us too – that’s why we created this short video with a hack you’re gonna love.

Do you get leg cramps at night? Some people say that placing a bar of soap in the sheets gets rid of them. It seems unlikely, but what do you have to lose?

Campfire cooking can make a mess out of your pots and pans, but coating your cookware with soap makes cleanup easy.

Hang bars of soap near your garden to keep deer away.

Get rid of the sweat ring on collared shirts by treating them with bar soap before laundering.

The kids will love erupting soap!

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