Looking for genius ways to use a bar of soap? We bet you haven’t thought of some of these!

You use soap in the shower, and you may even have some on your bathroom sink. For thousands of years, soap has kept us clean. We even love making our own soap! But those nifty bars have lots of other uses, too. Check out these for 15 unusual ways to use soap around your home (in addition to your body).

15 unusual ways to use bar soap

15 Brilliant Ways to use Soap

1. Separate a stuck zipper

Is there anything more frustrating than a separated zipper on your coat or your kid’s jacket? They seem to get undone just when you need to get them on in a rush! Unstick a stuck zipper by rubbing bar soap along the length of the zipper.

It will save you so much time and you will be happily recommending this to your friends. Can you count the number of jackets you’ve had to put away because of a separated zipper? No worries because that’s a thing of the past now.

Separate a stuck zipper

2. Fill nail holes

Fill nail holes in your wall without breaking out the drywall tools. Rub a dry bar of soap over your nail holes, back and forth until the hole is filled in.  Use a  dry cloth or rag over the surface of the holes to wipe excess soap away.

Here are some tips to help you achieve the desired finished look:

  • Go for a soap that is a similar color to your walls for easy blending
  • Do not use wet soap as the process will get messy. Wet soap will be difficult to rub over and over.
  • This can be done with either drywall or plaster walls.

Great way to get your walls in shape if you’re moving soon!

3. Bar soap as a pin cushion

This one is a genius idea. Soap is soft and it would hold pins very well. If you like to sew, a bar of soap wrapped in the fabric makes a great pincushion. You can use glue to put the fabric together around the soap. It comes together really nicely and you wouldn’t guess what is tucked underneath. It gives off a subtle scent, too!


4. Use soap to find an air leak in your tires

Think you have an air leak in one of your tires? Soap it up! Bubbles will form rapidly at the leak. I have seen this trick being performed at my local repair shop and it’s so easy. First, you need to take out the tire and fill it with air. Next, take some water and mix it up with soap.

Turn the tire round and round in the basin of soapy water. Because the tire is leaking out the air, bubbles should be seen at the point of the leak. If you prefer to repair your tires from home, this is super easy and affordable.

Ways to Use a Bar of Soap

5. Use soap to silence a squeaky door

For a squeaky door that’s driving you nuts, rub a bar of soap directly on the hinges. It’s only a temporary fix, but it will do until you can visit the hardware. Use a bar of soap that has been in use for a while because you need it quite soft and easy to manipulate with the application. I did not know it would be this easy to fix a squeaky door as I would run for the traditional grease. Try this!

6. Soap will clear a foggy bathroom mirror

The results with soap hack will blow your mind. Never deal with a foggy mirror after a shower again. Lightly rub bar soap on your mirror. Then you need to wipe it off with a clean piece of cloth. Rub the cloth until you can no longer see any soap residue. That is all you need to do. Go in the shower the next day, or the same day too. When you step out of the shower, take a look at your mirror. We bet you’ll be staring at a fog-free mirror! That’s right. Please try this.

How to Keep Your Bathroom Mirror Fog-Free!

7. Original Irish Spring Soap will keep mice away

Deter mice with Irish Spring. These guys actually say their results are inconclusive, but lots of people on the interwebz swear by it. The best way to get started is to start off with one bar of soap. Irish soap comes in a number of different flavors but most people recommend the original one. If you cannot find it at your local store, please try Amazon.

irish spring mouse deterrent

Cut up the soap into small pieces or grate it. You may wear gloves as the smell is quite strong and repellent. Place the pieces or shavings in areas around the house where mice are likely to hide. This is not a long-term solution though, as it is only a repellant. However, it is much worth it and we love this idea.

8. Use soap to make your clothes smell nice

Have great-smelling clothes every morning when you add soap to your drawers and storage containers. Because these are areas that do not have fresh air all the time, how about sealing them with nice-smelling soap? Although the picture shows an unwrapped bar, we recommend wrapping it in fabric or another breathable material to keep it from staining your clothes.

Do this overnight with a bar of soap whose fragrance you love, nothing too strong as it will linger on all day. In the morning, your clothes will be as fresh as a daisy.

15 Unusual Ways to Use Bar Soap

Brilliant Tricks using Soap

9. Unstick drawers using a bar of soap

For sticky drawers, rub a small piece of soap along the edges to help them glide in and out. This works great on antique dressers as they tend to get stuck a lot!

10. DIY Soap Jelly

Make a soap jelly to use as a pre-treater for tough stains. What you need is to grate your soap to fill half a jar. Then fill up your jar with hot water to make the soap jelly. Let it sit overnight to cool. Anytime you have soiled clothes, apply some of the soap jellies on the stain. Use a soft brush to rub against the stain and the laundry stain will slowly disappear.

11.Use bar soap to lubricate screws

Lubricate screws with a bar of soap to make your DIY projects a little easier. It will also hold and keeps the nail from rusting a tad longer.

Bar Soap Is Screw Lube

12. Use soap to keep deer away

Want to protect your crops from deer without using harsh chemicals? Soap will do the trick! If your crops are near the woods and likely to be visited by deer, soap is a cheap and effective repellant. Tie one bar of soap in a nylon stocking and place it very close or to the plant you’re protecting. Another way to do it is to place the bars of soap along the fence! Deer are known to have a great sense of smell so this works perfectly.

13. Get rid of stubborn sweat rings

Get rid of the sweat ring on collared shirts by treating them with bar soap before laundering. This is a stubborn sweat stain that needs to be dealt with sooner rather than later. Dampen the dirty collar with warm water. Wet your bar soap and rub an old toothbrush against the soap. Next, gently rub the brush along with the sweat stain. Let the shirt sit for an hour before laundering. Alternatively, you can dampen the collar and rub your bar of soap directly on the cloth.


14. Make erupting soap

The kids will love erupting soap! Here are the steps needed for this exciting project:

  • Put your bar of Ivory soap on a microwave dish
  • Place the soap in the microwave for two minutes
  • Watch it erupt!

Isn’t that fun?

make erupting soap

15. Coat your cookware with soap

Campfire cooking can make a mess out of your pots and pans, but coating your cookware with soap makes cleanup easy. Dealing with sooty cookware is no fun. A lot of scrubbing is required if your pots need to get back to their original state. You can create the soap jelly that we mentioned above and spread it even outside the pot. This creates a barrier between the pot and the soot. When it’s time to clean, it will slide right off!

Bonus hack worth checking out

Bar of soap to treat leg cramps

Do you get leg cramps at night? Some people say that placing a bar of soap in the sheets gets rid of them. It seems unlikely, but what do you have to lose?

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