You’ve seen puppies taking baths, but that’s nothing compared to watching this little baby armadillo get it’s first bath. I just love how happy this little guy is to splash around in the water! After watching this you’re going to want to become an armadillo owner yourself.

armadillo bath time

Armadillo Bath Time

In Texas I would see armadillos walking along the side of the road quite often, but I have never seen one this small or so cute before. I cannot get over how he squeals and splashes around in the water! The fact that this little one can execute a perfect barrel roll while my dog won’t even do a simple “roll over” is absolutely astounding. This is seriously one thing you are not going to want to miss watching!

Once you watch this video you’re going to want to rescue the first armadillo you see and give it a bath! The cuteness factor of this baby armadillo is practically off the charts and you are not going to want to miss this. Your kids will love watching this sweet little one frolic and play in it’s little baby bath! So what are you waiting for? Click the video below and let the cuteness begin!


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