Everyone loves Batman, right? And it’s no secret that Batman isn’t just for kids. Adults and children all around the world love batman and this is why these Batman crafts are perfect for the whole family.

If you’re looking for some super simple and unique crafts that your family can sit down and do together, you’re going to love these homemade Batman crafts.

Every one of them is different and unique and certain to be a hit! Make your own superhero craft easily with this massive list!

20 Batman Crafts for the Whole Family

If you haven’t crafted in a while, now is the perfect time! There aren’t many crafts out there that families can do together. And before the kids get too old to want to craft with you, it’s important to sit down and take the time to craft.

Plus, if you love Batman, you can’t go wrong with any of these great ideas!

DIY Lego Batman Bat Signal

The bat signal is a must! Making it with Legos is just the icing on the cake.

Always Be Batman T-shirt

It’s true. If you can be anything you want, always choose to be Batman.

Paper Weaving Batman Craft

Work on those fine motor skills and make a really cool craft to show off!

Felt Batman Superhero Cuffs

You won’t find a cuter Batman craft than this. Trust me, I’ve looked at them all.

Batman Play Dough

Creating Play dough is the best. This Batman play dough recipe doesn’t disappoint and is certain to provide hours of clean, but possibly messy, fun.

Batman String Nail Art

Team up and work on this cool creative craft together.

DIY Batman Bookends

If you have a book lover in your family, these would make the cutest gifts.

Lego Batman Helmet

How much fun is this Batman helmet?! And created with Lego’s?! It’s like every little engineer’s dream.

DIY Batman Shirt

Can anyone ever really have too many Batman shirts? I think not.

Batman Activated Charcoal Soap

Yep, even Batman needs to stay clean. This soap is the proof of that.

Printable Batman Mask

Print and become Batman, just like that. If your little one loves to dress up, this is such a quick and simple way to make it happen.

Batman Cape Tutorial

Every superhero needs a cape. Batman included. (and who knows, maybe his mom actually still does make his cape?!)

Mason Jar Batman Bank

It just makes sense to house all your money in this Batman bank. It seems like one of the safest piggy banks ever, right?

Cardboard Tube Batman Craft

It’s true that you can use almost anything to create a fun craft. While most kids will just play with a cardboard tube on their own, this craft allows them to channel their inner superhero.

Lego Batman Oreos

You had me at Oreos. Need I really say anymore?!

Lego Batman Surprise Bath Bombs

Bath bombs themed like Batman? So cool! If you’re looking for an awesome DIY activity to do with the kids, look no further than this. Plus it makes for a really cool gift idea a well.

Batman Superhero Handprint Craft

This is such a cute way to keep a handprint keepsake.

Batman Figure Cork Craft

Use those corks for good! See? Keeping all those wine corks wasn’t such a bad idea after all. You can craft away with them while making something totally awesome.

Batman Bottle Painting

Break on the paints but not the bottle. Be careful with this craft because it’s totally worth the effort.

Batman Paper Plate Craft

This paper craft is simple and easy to do! It’s one of those weekday afternoon crafts that will get everyone excited for something adventurous.

Comic Book Batman Craft

Comic books and Batman go hand in hand! You can totally pair this batman craft with a trip to the local library to check out some of the latest superhero comics.

See how cool these Batman crafts are? You can easily make all of them with your family!

Do you have a favorite Batman craft that you’re going to make?

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