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We’ve all been there. In the name of trying to get stuff done, you gave the iPad to your child. Because you know that playing educational apps is a sure-fire way to get at least thirty minutes of uninterrupted time to finally fold that laundry or pay those bills. You’re minding your own business when you hear it: the distinct sound of a smart device hitting the floor…again. Suddenly, flashing through your mind are images of shattered screens because the case couldn’t possibly have absorbed the shock of yet another meeting with the floor because it’s already been broken in multiple places. You go to investigate and discover, much to your relief, that the only thing broken beyond repair was the case. But now, you’re faced with the dilemma of needing another case. There are so many options out there and you have no idea which one to choose. But one thing you do know, it needs to be kid proof.

Well, no need to scour the internet reading review after review. We have you covered. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite iPad cases for kids, and their reviews.

Best iPad Cases for Kids

review of ipad case for kids


PEPKOO Spider iPad Case

Our favorite case that we got to review. This case was durable – almost to the quality of the Otter box (see below) but at a fraction of the cost.

Pros: Shatter-Resistant frame with shock-absorbing silicone. From the company:  “This case is designed from the inside out to protect your iPad from extreme conditions, dirt, sand, rain, shock, vibration and a host of other environmental factors. ”

Cons:  Bulky. Some have said the kickstand breaks.

Features:  Has stand clip-ons. Built-in screen protector, plugs seal the ports and controls. Can mount to vehicle or bikes, etc.

The Three-Year-Old test:  “My 1 year old poured and entire bottle of water on my iPad! Thank you so much for actually working like you said! ” — Niicckiey  “It has protected our Ipad 2 from our 2-year-old. It has survived drops, light spills, scratches. Washes off easily.” — Kalyn

Devices Supported: iPad 2, 3 & 4

Price Range: under $20



review of ipad case for kids

HDE Kids Light Weight Case

We personally bought and own this case. It’s terrific for toddlers. The foam does start to give with time. Expect to need to buy a new one 6-9 months after your original purchase.

Pros: Shock-proof. Very easy to hold.

Cons:  No screen protector. The colors scuff after extended wear. Is not water resistant. headphone jack is hard to fit.

Features:  Durable foam case. Has a handle that rotates to act as a stand. All buttons are accessible.

The Three-Year-Old test:  “We have owned one for several months and have three year olds. Our triplets love their screen time. This has held up to repeated abuse and protected our device.” — Rachel

Devices Supported: Apple iPad 2, 3 & 4

Price Range: under $20


best ipad cases for kids2


Otterbox iPad Case

Made by iPad this case is probably the best out there (the pink one pictured above), however it is PRICY!

Pros: Durable, Durable, Durable.

Cons:  It is not waterproof – should handle splashes, but be careful.

Features: Triple layer case and retina display this case offers excellent protection. Comes with a stand.

The Three-Year-Old test:  “With a 5 year old and a 3 year old I recommend this case. No more cracked screens or damage. It has been dropped, thrown, stood on, and kicked.” –Perez.

Devices Supported: iPad 2, 3, & 4 – not the iPad Air.

Price Range:  over $50


Griffin All-Terrain Case

After the Otter box, this case is the second, most-reputable case in regards to the protection offered, but again, you pay for it.

Pros: Durable, Durable, Durable. Designed to withstand dirt, sand, rain, shocks, vibrations and more.

Cons:  It is not waterproof – but it is water resistant.

Features: Triple layer case and retina display this case offers excellent protection. Comes with a stand.

The Three-Year-Old test:  “My iPad has been dropped and banged so many times with this on and still works great. My daughter even dropped it from about 3.5 feet on a hard grocery store floor and it just keeps on going.” — Erin.

Devices Supported: iPad 2, 3, & 4 – not the iPad Air.

Price Range:  over $60



review of ipad case for kids

ULAK iPad Shock Absorption Cover

Stylish. This is a great case for an older child or tween who doesn’t want the “kid stuff” but still needs some extra protection.

Pros: Price! This is a very affordable case.

Cons: Some reviewers have said that the chevron design shows wear with use. Some have said that the camera does not work as well with the case.

Features: Comes with a stylist and a screen cover.

The Three-Year-Old test:  For older kids who are rough with devices, not shockproof. “It’s stylish with added protection. The rubber doesn’t fit snug into the plastic grooves but it’s a $12 case. All ports are easily accessible, the speaker port is kind of tricky.” — Wendy.

Devices Supported: iPad Air – it does not fit iPad Air 2.

Price Range:  Under $15.


Afranker Cases

Good case for it’s price. Not too thick or cumbersome!

Pros: Durable silicone and plastic case. Shock Protection. Silicone shell makes this slip-proof and easy to hold onto.

Cons: No built-in Screen protection.

Features:  Comes with a kickstand. Dissipates heat to extend life of your device.

The Three-Year-Old test:  “He already dropped it, and no damage happened to his iPad!!!” — Stephanie; “My 8 yr old dropped her IPad last week and she said, “Mommy I am so happy you put this case on my IPad”. Definitely kid proof.” — Shavon.

Devices Supported: iPad Air & iPad 5

Price Range: under $20

rugged ipad cases for kids

Hoco Extreme-Duty Honeycase 

Not as “heavy duty” as they say, but if you are looking for something that is light weight without bulk and still offering shock protection, this is the case for you. Multiple styles available.

Pros: Light weight cover. It is a non-slip soft, silicone case. Fits snug.

Cons:  No screen protector – but you can purchase one separately. Some complaints that it is thin. Not as “extreme-duty” as it does not have a hard case.

Features:  Silicone cover

The Three-Year-Old test: “Exactly what I was looking for to protect my ipad from my toddlers destruction.” — Brittany

Devices Supported: iPad 2, 3 & 4.

Price Range: under $20


review of ipad case for kids

Liger Tablet Car Mount.

While not a “case” per se, this is very much an iPad device that parents LOVE! Transform your iPad into a car TV!

Pros: Fully adjustable screen holder that mounts to the back of the headrests. It is great for entertaining kids during roadtrips and/or errands. All ports are accessible.

Cons:  May not fit with some bulky iPad cases.

Features: Can be rotated for both landscape and portait viewing.

The Three-Year-Old test:  “With my backseat headrest mount holder we can save movies to our tablet and my daughter can watch them without having to look down in her lap. It helps sooooo much with her car sickness!” — Charlie

Devices Supported:  All tablet devices.

Price Range: under $15


No matter how old they are, if your kids use your iPad, it will get dropped at some point. Protect your device (and your wallet) by getting a good, heavy-duty, kid-tested case. Hopefully this list has removed the need for tedious research and now all you have to do is decide. Which case is the right fit for you needs?