I like to spice things up from time to time! There is nothing quite like a cool, refreshing drink at the end of a hard day. Of course, I like to stay healthy and drink as much water as I possibly can, but sometimes you just need a little flavor and some carbonation. Blackberry Mojito Cubes with a glass of Perrier Sparkling Mineral water make the perfect combination for a cool refreshing and flavorful drink.

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Gather Your Ingredients

For this tasty drink, you only need three ingredients and an ice tray. You can pick up a small ice tray for round ice cubes at your local dollar store. Pick up the following items:

  • Fresh peppermint leaves (You can find these in the produce department – but being in Texas we get to grow our mint in our backyard nearly year-round)
  • A pound of Blackberries
  • Perrier Sparkling Mineral Water

Arrange Your Ice Tray

Plop one Blackberry into each ice cube portion. Add a mint leaf into the tray with your Blackberries. Both the Blackberries and the mint will be used to make Blackberry Mojito cubes. (How delicious do these look? I cannot even handle it)!

Blackberry mojito cubes

Add Perrier Water

Once your ice tray is set up with your blackberries and mint, you want your blackberries to absorb the mint flavoring. To do this, you are going to the Perrier Sparkling Mineral water on top of the blackberries, filling each ice cube portion. As the water is sparkling, as it “freezes” a lot of the bubbles will burst so you will have icecubes that are a lot less dense than you would expect as you fill the tray.

Blackberry mojito cubes

Freeze the blackberries

Just as you would put your ice cubes in the freezer, put your blackberries, mint and Perrier Sparkling Mineral Water mixture into the freezer overnight. When you take them out, you will have frozen Blackberry Mojito Cubes. I have to add that you  have never tasted anything as delicious as these!


Pour a Mojito Mocktail

In a glass, plop as many Blackberry Mojito cubes as you can fit. Add your Perrier and your other mojito ingredients (love this recipe) to the glass filling it to the rim. Drink and enjoy this refreshing and very flavorful drink.

Have you tried a Mojito Mocktail with Blackberry Mojito cubes? What did you think about the drink?

Let us know – and share your experiences where you were worried about running out of your favorite beverages with #NoMoreFORO and ReadyRefresh.

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