We all want to start the new year off on the best foot possible, right? And truth be told, we may all be searching for a little bit of good luck to make it happen. There are so many good luck foods out there that can kick off the New Year with the best hope possible.

If you feel that you could use a little good luck to start the brand New Year, you aren’t alone! I know that I for one will be loading up my plate with several of these food options because I need all the extra good luck that I can possibly get!

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Yummy Good Luck Foods to Bring You The Best Luck

Now I’m not saying that these foods are guaranteed to bring you any type of luck, but I’m just saying that these foods have been designated as the ones that you should eat if you want to start your year off on a lucky streak!

  • Black-eyed peas

This is one food that you are supposed to eat on New Years Day to bring you good luck for the entire year. If you have a soup, toss some black-eyed peas in them to make certain that you partake on them at least once during the day!

  • Anything pork

When eaten on New Year’s Day, pork is supposedly good luck! (bacon, anyone?!) Many cultures view pigs are rooters constantly moving their snouts in a forward motion, so that is why other cultures view pork as good luck when eaten on New Year’s Day as a symbol for moving forward into the New Year.

  • Noodles 

Many cultures view eating long noodles as a good luck for an extra long life, but only when those noodles being eaten are not broken in the middle! If the noodle breaks or is broken, it’s no longer considered full of luck.

  • Rice

Rice has been known to symbolize wealth, so if you want the luck of money, eat up that rice!

  • Cabbage

If you have ever seen cabbage, then you know that it’s green in color. Know what else is green in color? Money. The superstition of cabbage is that it means wealth as well, so if you want to have money luck for the new year, you better eat your vegetables!

And honestly, when it comes to finding foods that will bring you good luck into the New Year, you’d probably be open to eating a majority of these, right?

I know that I would eat my fair share of cabbage if that meant that wealth was in my future! Different cultures and locations around the world all have the varying foods that they say bring them wealth and luck, and it’s all very interesting to read and understand.

This New Year’s Eve, why not make yourself a giant plate mixed with everything listed above? That’s gotta be a sure-fire combination for creating the best luck as possible for the New Year, right? I’m planning on doing it this year!

Do you know of any other good luck foods to ring in the New Year with? Share your secrets so that we can all prosper!

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