If you’re looking for some delicious no bake desserts that are perfect for Father’s Day, you’ll love all these great options.

The last thing that you’re going to want to do is turn on the oven during the hot summer months, right? With these no bake desserts, you don’t have to! In fact, most of them can be whipped up easily and quickly with little to no effort.

These desserts are a great way to say “Happy Father’s Day!”

Delicious No Bake​ Desserts Perfect for Father’s Day

1. No Bake Strawberry Cake

This Strawberry Ice Cream cake is one dessert that is meant to be eaten over and over again! Why says you can’t have ice cream and cake together all in one simple recipe?

Strawberry Ice Cream Cake Recipe - Our family loves this Strawberry Ice Cream Cake! With minimal hands-on time, this frozen dessert is the perfect make-ahead dessert for spring and summer get-togethers.

2. No Bake Orange Fluff Recipe

Everyone has fond memories of this Orange Fluff Desserts. It’s one of those dessert dishes that just remind us of comfort and home.

Orange fluff dessert is a quick and tasty recipe that the whole family will love. A healthy dessert choice that is low in Weight Watchers points and tastes great! 

3. No Bake Bourbon Balls Recipe

Dad is certain to love these Bourbon Balls! They are so quick and easy to make and taste so good! (These could be great for Mother’s Day as well!)

Whiskey Balls can be made with bourbon too. Put Chopped or crushed pecans on top of them after you dip them in chocolate.

4. No Bake Oreo Pie Recipe

If he loves Oreos, you’re going to want to make this Oreo Creme Pie. It’s simple and every bite is packed full of that Oreo taste and flavor!

5. No Bake Blackberry Parfait Treat

Keep it light and tasty with this delicious blackberry parfait. Perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner!

Here’s another way to make it

6. No Bake Chocolate Covered Donuts…Yum.

Give him breakfast in bed with these Chocolate Covered Apple Donuts. So good. There’s no way that one is ever going to be enough.

Try our delicious and healthy no bake fall treat; chocolate covered apple donuts! Freshly picked crisp apples that we covered in triple chocolate. It's a fun, healthy snack for the fall season when you pick apples. Serve to guests and wow them for sure, plus it's easy for your mini chef to help make them. :) They're a great vegetarian option so everyone can enjoy. You could even make them raw vegan treats if you choose vegan toppings.

7. No Bake S’Mores Recipe

These No-Bake S’mores Cups are great at giving Dad a break. No more having to light the fire just to have that simple s’mores taste!

No bake desserts are those that are excellent to keep in your back pocket for last minute treats. With only five ingredients, these s'mores cups are both delicious and easy desserts to make!

8. No Bake Carrot Cheesecake Recipe

Don’t forget about the simplicity of these Carrot Cake Cheesecake Dip! This is one recipe that he’ll love dipping over and over again.

picture of cheesecake dip with carrot cake Oreos and milk on a checkered tablecloth

9. No Bake Peanut Butter Pie

This peanut butter no bake pie recipe is super easy and a sure hit with every family.  To make this for dad you will need a graham cracker pie crust, cream cheese, peanut butter, powdered sugar, whipped topping, Reeses peanut butter cups and toppings…yum!


10. No Bake Cookie Recipe

These church window cookies are fun to make and an unusual treat for your father.  All you need to make this tasty no oven treat are semi-sweet chocolate chips, butter, mini marshmallows, nuts and coconut.


11. No Bake Peppermint Pie Recipe

Let’s make peppermint pie!  This is one of my very favorite things in the world to eat and one of my dad’s favorite treats.  You can use a pre-made pie crust, some vanilla pudding, red food coloring, peppermint extract, peppermint candy pieces and whipped topping.  Add a little chocolate syrup drizzle across the top to serve.


12. No Bake Lemon Raspberry Pie Recipe

Oh yum! Check out this easy lemon raspberry pie recipe filled with goodness.  Grab a mini pie crust, lemon pudding, fresh raspberries, mint and a lemon and make this for dear old dad.


See how simple it can be to not have to bake?! If you’re wanting to whip up a delicious and simple no bake dessert to enjoy, these options are perfect for doing just that!

No need to turn on your oven at all with these simple desserts!

Need more ideas for father’s day?  Check out these great ideas:

These delicious no bake desserts are perfect for Father's Day or any other day that a dessert is needed! Leave those ovens off for these desserts! #nobakedesserts #fathersday #desserts #onecrazyhouse

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