Does anyone else have a mess nest made of wires? You know what I’m talking about–you totally dread having to find that one wire you need out of that tangled up mess because you know it will take you f o r e v e r to find it? That was my camera cable and me–always wanted my photos on my computer, never wanted to go through the trouble of getting the cable out. Ridiculous! There must be a way for people (like me) who are not gifted in cord winding/wrapping to organize wires, right!?

Well there is a way, and it’s right in your bathroom! In fact, you’re throwing it away every week and you need to stop that now! Are you ready for it, the answer is…toilet paper tubes! (If you haven’t sensed the excitement from my three exclamation points in a row, you better know that I’m stoked about this.)

DIY Storage Ideas for Wires – with Cardboard Toilet Paper Tubes

wire organization

First of all, no one wants to use plain old toilet paper rolls to organize wires, so get the kids involved and make a craft out of it. I cut paper that would wrap perfectly around the tube and let each of my kids decorate to their hearts’ content! Then we glued it around the tube. Voila, now they no longer look like trash, but instead, dual function organization decor! Another nifty tidbit of wrapping paper around them is that you can tell your wire rolls apart more easily! Grab the tube you need, when you need it!

using toilet paper tubes to organize

So, now, the rest is quite simple. Wrap your wires up in coils that fit into a toilet paper tube, insert and stow away! All the wires keep their hands to themselves and you can grab whichever one you need quickly and easily. You might even label the tubes with which wire is in it, in case you get them mixed up occasionally. I certainly do that!

Video: Organize Wires With TP Tubes

Check out this video for another version.

We love making things with cardboard tubes!!

So, happy organizing, my friends! Do you know of a great way to keep your wires tidy? I would love to hear in the comments!

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